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My STORY 22 days journey in FIVERR

First of all, I earned 100+ dollar within only 22 days in my Fiverr journey :blush:

  1. I got the job 2 hours after opening the gig (I was sent three buyer requests, then 3rd request to I got direct orders).

  2. I got the second knock at the end of 12 days and 4 knocks at the end of 20 days.

  3. And I have completed the 4 order, I have received review 3.

  4. In a 22 days journey, Gig is now on page 7 and page 6 in different keywords.

  5. Talking about the project with 2 peoples
    That’s my story :upside_down_face:

Lastly, my little advice is, if you must step in FIVERR professional way, then the job will find you, you will not have to search hard.

Thanks, Everyone.


Wow! Best of luck bro :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


thanks for your great advice. i must follow it

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@jj_design89 Thanks Dear

@seo_sspecialist Thank you, men.

Congratulations best of luck

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@riazahsan ধন্যবাদ ব্রো

I think you are so lucky man

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you are so lucky good wishes keep going

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@webfsxpert maybe I am so lucky

@colorpicx thanks, dear.

wow.congratulation your success

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@career_enhancer Thanks brother.