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My story and why rating system is all wrong

I bought several gigs in Online Marketing and Writing and Translation categories.

In writing and translation, I had to cancel two gigs because the content created was copied word to word, or almost word to word from some other website. Sellers had a lot of positive, and no negative reviews. After requesting a refund they all complied immediately, giving me back my money and keeping their 5 star ratings.

I had another issue with copied content. After seller delivers content I run it through plagiarism checker, it mostly works ok and finds online sources that contain 5 same words in succession. In this one case it didn’t work(I am told that text could have been weirdly encoded), seller got a 5 star rating but a few days later when I was to publish that article I ran a manual search on google and found exact copy online. So Seller got a 5 star from me, and I couldn’t change my rating.

Right now I have a open gig that says that a Seller will tweet a link to my website to 700k college student followers. Gig was marked as complete and I got around 2k “visitors” to my website. A little investigation shows that all these are robots. Seller has a perfect 5 star rating(about 10 votes). What I noticed is that it had 9 orders in queue yesterday, which dropped to 3 today, but it got only two new ratings. That makes me think other buyers also figured out traffic was fake and canceled the gig, while these two got cheated.

I thought to sacrifice 5$ and mark the gig as complete just to post a bad review, but figured the seller will only make a new profile so it won’t suffer much harm(and will actually earn money) while I will lose money. Think it would be a good indicator of Seller’s reputation or trust if we could see number of refunded gigs.

The problem is, we got only your side of the story.

When buyer’s reviews show up in their profiles (not just 3 stars or more), buyers stop abusing the modification button (read the TOS which no buyer adheres to) and stop using the rating system to blackmail sellers for changes that are worth 10 times than what they originally paid, come talk to me about what is “all wrong”

I have never asked for modification from a seller. I mentioned I use articles I get on fiver only as outlines which I edit.

I think you are missing my point. I am not referring to regular fiver sellers that deliver what is explained in the gig, I am referring to, in my case, Sellers that simply copy content from existing websites or use programs to generate traffic. In other words- scammers.

If Sellers says it will write 500 words of SEO content, I expect this to be original content, or at least half original. Not a word by word copy.

I got the impression from the article and your post title that there was something wrong with the rating system when you can’t rate a seller when there is a refund by mutual cancellation. My point is – Well, see above

There is no doubt that things happen on both sides of the coin – but overall, sellers get the chaff put to them lot more than the other way around. Buyer’s at least get a refund while sellers lose the time invested and in many cases, the buyer walks away with a free gig and plus they got a refund.

I understand your point of view, and to be sincere, it is of great concern. Someone once made a statement regarding balanced of stories, there are some sellers that are not true to their word, there are many others whom are true to their word. There are some buyers who requests for a $50 worth of work for $5 and threatens to offer a bad review to the honest seller if they don’t complete the work. What are we to do about such buyers?

Different people have a lot of experience on Fiverr, and as much as it is a great place to buy and sell services, and this is also a great organization, no where is perfect, but they work on getting better every time. I believe in the end, we trust our guts, and look beyond the box. Within it is limitation, outside it is limitless opportunities, and un-threaded waters of greatness. Because the world is filled with bad people doesn’t mean there are no few good ones, but the good few ones are not nicely rapped as the bad ones. It is my hope that the good ones are found so that the world can be a better place. We should give up because of the bad experiences we’ve had, we should much rather learn from them and choose to become better than those who have let us down.


Most buyers don’t leave reviews, they just mark the order as complete. I have 1,700 positives, 20 negative, and 971 not rated.

That’s why making high offers great potential for the product refund.

I prefer to sell $ 5. Instead of $ 20.

Because the rate of return and better satisfaction of $ 5.

Quality of service depends on your communication with the seller.

Some buyers and sellers have to negotiate the best for communications.

And sellers have to do the best for business