My Story - Bought New Laptop and Android Phone+ iPhone


Just bought my new laptop with fiverr earnings + some dollars from other source. (30%)

Thanks to all who always supported me. Also have Android phone and iPhone bought from fiverr earnings.

Fiverr just made me to earn to buy anything I like. Next I am planing to offer more quality service - become TRP and buy new bike :slight_smile:


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


That’s amazing! I am planning to buy a tablet soon once I’ve enough fiverr earnings.


Reply to @princemaxx: Great! Best wishes :slight_smile:


How did you become a Level 2 seller :s . On your gigs you only have 1 gig offer that only has 1 review and all your other gig offers are N/A


Reply to @shawnecannon: He had a big gig with 70+ thumbs up which got deleted.


Nice and congrats. Nice looking laptop. I guess you are not planning to leave Fiverr like you said yesterday :wink: - Glad you are staying.


Thanks to all :slight_smile:


Reply to @shawnecannon: I had appstore reviews gig that got deleted by mods which had 70 thumbs up and was ordered 130 times which i showed you before in your discussion


Reply to @hotwebideas: Yes I cancelled plan to leave but I have to find some other job as have no sales now. I still miss my reviews gig which had about $20 sales daily.


Reply to @arnevb: Thanks Sir!


Congrats! and good luck with your gigs! :slight_smile:


Reply to @magisworks: Thanks and same to you