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My Story: From $5 to $3000 a month! My Golden tips for new sellers


I will consider this post as my golden tips for new sellers as most of them are struggling here on fiverr. I will try to keep it short and simple :lying_face:
Plus, I am sharing my orders number and prices from the last week.

When I started to take things seriously on fiverr, that was one year ago, I used to work 8- 12 hours for a $5 order. If we think about it financially, fiverr takes 20% and 80% for me, that is $4. Transferring these amazing $4 to my local bank then withdrawing them using local currency I would say it will be $3.6 :slight_smile:

For an earthquake structural engineer who earns more than $5000 a month, the idea of working for $3.6 per day is just insane! However, My goal at the beginning was to get more orders and more reviews, and for sure to level up.

In a short time, I earned level 2 and started to get many orders per day. That was the time when I started to increase my prices gradually. The $5 became $100 and in some gigs $600 and even more! :pray:

My message to those who complain about low profit when they start. To those who start with high prices thinking that they are different and its not feasible to sell for $5. I would like to tell them what an old lady told me once: Look after the pennies and the dollars will look after themselves!

I am not sure if there are many successful sellers here on fiverr who started with high prices. :eyes: no I don’t consider the so called “pro sellers” as successful sellers on fiverr :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • So if you have an order, don’t try to get extra money from your buyers at the beginning! Gain trust and respect first, then the money will come running towards you later on.

  • Do high quality work for almost nothing, consider it as a long term investment :smiley: When you have many orders, then go high step by step.

  • Although they can be such a pain, but other fiverr sellers are real treasures! If you get an order from a re-seller, then do your best! Chances are that re-seller will keep coming back for more, and then you will get the ratings, reviews, levels that you want. I have placed more than 70 orders with one voice over seller and he moved from 200 orders to more than 2000 orders now!

Finally, I am sharing my orders during the last week to give you guys a push and to show you how my old $5 orders last year, which took 8-12 hours each to finish, are looking after themselves now!

I wish you all the best :hugs:


thanks brother for sharing your story with us!


This a really helpful and motivating story


I remember the days when I used to make that much and more. Should of done animation instead of psychic readings smh


Thanks for sharing. A truly inspirational post! :slightly_smiling_face:


I am impressed… its highly motivating…


thanks for sharing…its a inspiration for all new sellers


Great advice to motivate us fellow sellers


Isn’t a Fiverr re-seller going to be less likely to leave a review than a normal Fiverr buyer?


Really great tips I also have same kind of story. I gained level 2 in 2 months however issue is that I think when I change or increase price my gig goes down and I don’t get orders.

What you say about that I have only 2 gig that get orders more 2 made are just waste no orders nothing.


Thanks all, I hope that helps you to keep up the hard work :smiley:

@uk1000 Good re-selllers usually care about helping others. I have placed 300 orders on fiverr and all are rated :wink:


Great work, keep it up!!!


Very Well Said @kha1ed. Great tip ever…


MaShaAllah, thank you for sharing your experience with us:)


Hey keep it up!
You’re doing great job.


real inspiration thanks dear :heart_eyes:



Great tips thanks


You’re right; start small to grow big.
Impressive success story. Hard work surely pays off. If you provide quality service, buyers will keep coming back for more.


@kha1ed Thank you for sharing your story! You are an inspiration.

Best wishes for growing success!


This is interesting. But I have not been getting orders. I offer $5 per script. My gig title is catchy and the description is superb. But I am not getting messages not to talk of order. Please can you help me.