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My story: How does it feel to be a newbie in Fiverr

Hello. My name is Denis a freelancer from Kenya with a focus on article writing, academic research, and transcription for the past 5 years.

Some friend of mine, last year, recommended that I should get onto the bandwagon and supplement my income with Fiverr gigs.

“It’s very easy, bro” he said.

So, I got on, set up my profile, set up my first gig, did a bit of marketing and sat back like … “Let the money come, baby!”

Three months later, no single buyer. Not a single digit in traffic to my gig, and so I gave up all hope. I simply faded away into the blackness of space, like I never existed. Sad, I know.

One year later, I am back. This time, I bring with me a thicker, tougher skin. It’s on! The battle to conquer the dirty streets of Fiverrdor has started (again). I will not fret, I will not cower and I definitely won’t give up. Onwaaaaaaaaaaraaaaaaaarddd!!! LOL!!

PS: Check out my cool gigs on my profile. There is definitely value for money.