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My story: How I made my first $100,000 on Fiverr

Today I reached the 6 figure mark on Fiverr. I want to tell my story to you guys and share some tips on how I achieved it. I’ll try my best to keep it short and sweet.

I first started selling on Fiverr in March 2017. I was a night porter at a hotel so I had plenty of spare time while working to build a side-hustle. I remember getting my first order and how badly I undersold myself. I worked for weeks on this project and only made $300 but thanks to that first order and the great review it gave me, more jobs started flowing in.

After a consistent flow of orders, I made the huge decision to leave my job in October 2017, only 7 months into selling on Fiverr. Probably not the smartest move I made because in the months after leaving my work I had cancellations, then the beginning of 2018 went really dry. Having no job and 100% relying on Fiverr to support my family made me work overtime and build my profile back. Everything paid off in the end and I made $63,000 that year. In my previous job, I was making around £12,000 a year (around $15,000).

My advice for people thinking about leaving their 9-5s is to have enough money saved up for those quiet periods because they do happen. If I didn’t leave my job, I don’t think I would have had the drive to make my gig as successful as it has been. Sometimes the biggest risk in life is to not take any risks IMO.

Another decision I made which I feel helped a lot was when I stopped underselling myself. I am probably the most expensive gig in my niche (apart from the pros). I maxed my prices because I felt the service I offer is worth more than the $995 limit Fiverr gives me. Then since doing so, I get a ton of orders, if not more than what I did when my prices were low.

  • List item If you’re new to Fiverr, it’s ok to undersell yourself to get those first orders in and build your great reviews.

  • List item Always overdeliver on your gigs. I always throw in a ton of extras the customer wasn’t expecting when delivering my gigs. Things not mentioned in my description. This gives your client a great experience with you and they’ll leave a great review and probably refer you to friends.

  • List item Update your clients on a daily bases. I have gigs that go on for over a week, but I always make sure to keep them in the loop by updating them every day on how the project is coming along.

  • List item Don’t be too formal. I find it’s better to get to know your client and try and build a rapport with them. Find things you have in common and connect with them on a personal level. Always be yourself.

  • List item Always be honest. If you feel you can’t complete a job to your customer’s standards than don’t take the job on. Explain that it’s above your skillset and recommend another Seller who’s more suited. I had a client who came to me wanting this fantastic store created to look like their competitors. It required a ton of coding which I’m not great with. So, I explained that the work is above my skill set and it would require hiring a developer. I recommend a Fiverr seller who is a great dev and also a friend of mine. She was very happy with my honesty, she ended up with an amazing store and she came back to me for all the design work she needed.

  • List item Never come across as desperate for the sale. Play it cool. I’ve noticed on quiet periods when I’m actively trying to make a sale, it never happens. But, when I have loads of work on, everyone wants my services. So now when people reach out to me I just chat away to them. Get to know them, have a laugh, stand out and make their experience with you a fun one. The more time they invest in speaking with you, you more chance you’ll have of making the sale.

Fiverr has given me the freedom to work from home and the opportunity to make more money than I ever would have been able to. This platform has its ups and downs but as long as you read over the ToS carefully and abide by them you’ll be just fine. I’m forever grateful for everything Fiverr has done for me.

Finally, I’m going to sharing my sales with you. Hopefully, this will motivate others to go that extra mile for their clients and become free from your 9-5.


Wow!!! That’s a great motivational story and AWESOME STATS :heart_eyes: I always preferred Fiverr over 9-5 job and your story is another solid proof I have now.

For my greatest surprise, your Avg. Selling price is REALLY high. May I know your niche, please?

Also, May you be more successful in future!

PS: Are you a Top Rated Seller now?


Thanks bro.

My niche is eCommerce design.

Funnily enough, I’m not even a level one seller anymore lol (through no fault of my own). But it doesn’t seem to be affect me.


Thanks for mentioning it.

No doubt, levels aren’t now as important as they used to be. But this is another motivation that you can money from fiverr without any level too… Did you ever try applying for PRO? I think, you are worth getting the Pro badge…


I have but no reply as of yet. :crossed_fingers:


Wish you all the best :slight_smile:


That’s excellent! You must be very good at what you do.


Inspiring story :ok_hand:


Inspiring story for me.Congratulations for your success.I hope you will get more soon.


Wow, Very Inspiration for me…

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Wow!!:astonished: Congratulation

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Fabulous this post inspirational for all of us

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wow :thinking: good experience


Amazing thanks for sharing your story. Fiverr is one of the best platform for freelancers :slight_smile:


Wow,!!! Best of luck for your next level achievement…:innocent::innocent::innocent:




Full of inspiration and motivation.



It’s really inspiring…

Good Luck


@fastcopywriter I can see his profile all right. Just remove the 1 at the end of his forum username and try again. :slight_smile: His Fiverr username is “declanmaltman.”


This is great promotion of your services. I’m delighted to see such a quality seller of shopify website designs and implementation. And not one negative review. So impressive.


Thank you for share your story its help so many seller

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