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My Story In Fiverr

hello everyone,
i am anson ,

The story is starts before 3years. I completed my Graduation from kerala. i serach for a freelance job, i got fiverr and on that time fiverr have old design. i post my first gig about wedding website designing. i got some works. after some months i posted website speed optimization gig, i spend more than 15hrs with fiverr because there is no online symbol and there is no android app on that time.

I got some money for my post graduation, i migrated to bangalore for my post graduation , i worked 4hrs in fiverr and i studied.I teached fiverr to my senior students because all are asking cash from home for studies, i teached fiverr jobs 10+ seniors there are now earning more than 500$/month. i got lot of buyer in fiverr and money for paying fee, having good foods,etc.

a special thanks to all my buyers, friend in fiverr,



Great ! But your account is not 3 years old. ?

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May your dreams come true

Thanks brother :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

i had one account but they deleted :sob: without any reasons this is my new account**********************

the above are my friends i shared my experience i think now they are earning morethan 1000$ per month

Creating two account is Against Fiverr Tos. Do you know that ??

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i don;t have two accounts , before i have my company acccount , but without any reason they deleted my accounts more than 20times i contacted them but they didn;t gave they told me create a new account after 45days if you want to work like that

so i created a account and contacted support ,

With 91 reviews $1K per month. That is amazing :hushed:

no that friend bro, others you can check