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My story; let's grow together


Hello Community members,

Hope you all are selling well!

Sharing my story, after an uncountable number of days of procrastination I have finally published two gigs. I always wanted to start freelancing but didn’t imagine I would face such a large amount of internal inertia. Now, I feel liberated and I’m all excited to start working on the orders. But that was just the end of internal inertia, what about an external one?
Since yesterday night, I am constantly looking at the stats of my gigs hoping to see numbers other than zeros. It feels so lonely and depressing but, to the rescue, you all are my inspiration and source of learning that will help to improve my gigs and I might as well learn patience, over time.

Feel free to drop in your wishes and suggestions. In return, I’ll check out your gigs and provide feedback.

Let’s grow together!

PS: Link to my gigs


Hi there! I am also a new fiverr user with few gigs and no buyers at the moment :smile: . I can understand how you must be feeling and hope you get buyers soon enough. Best of luck :slight_smile:


@waniya96 Thanks a lot :smile:. All the best to you too! :v: