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My Story On Fiverr

My Story On Fiverr [Part-1]

I have just started another business on Fiverr. Yes, another. You have read it correctly.

I was working as a Graphic Designer on Fiverr since January 2015. I did excellent work and got positive reviews. I completed more than 70+ orders in just 2 months and earned Level 2 Badge. I was working with so many clients at a time, as they were my golden days on Fiverr.

Then suddenly I went somewhere without turning on my Vacation Mode on Fiverr. When I came back, and logged in my Account, Fiverr said ‘This account has been disabled’.

Well, it’s going to be a pretty short story, since TOS means you can’t have more than one account. That said, you could write to Customer Support and explain that you didn’t realize you needed to enable vacation mode (which is only two weeks, and I suspect your away period was extensive), You didn’t, so that great account is probably dead under the weight of auto “order canceled!” reviews, not to mention not having any sales in the intervening disabled period.

As a business, Fiverr should have done what they did–buyers coming here expect seller accounts to be live and deliver a product that fits the gig description, and on time. To let inactive sellers continue (whether on vaction without notification, death, awful accident, horrific natural disaster that affects your country/region for months on end) is not going to work. I am pretty sure that Fiverr would make an exception if you could prove your absence was entirely out of your own control (in particular natural disaster–who wants to be the evil corp that punished someone who’s struggled through a Nepalese earthquake, for example? OF COURSE THERE’S NO BLOODY INTERNET AND I’M TRAUMATIZED AND DON’T WANT TO MAKE A $5 LOGO!)

If you just went on holiday to relax or you had no internet at home and didn’t feel like going to your local internet cafe, then… nah man. This is business. You need to make it clear you’re going to be away for some time. Vacation mode is there, and there’s even workarounds to keep it going! Of course, you will lose your gig ranking, so better just to keep working while making all your gigs super-expensive and delivery times to the max. Which will also affect your rankings eventually. So, just be a good little worker bee and take your work where you go.

Anyway, let’s move onto part 2, shall we? Unless you have a really good reason here, you’re starting again (illegally under TOS) because you didn’t treat your job here like a real job.

Even if you get past everything @Emmaki said, your current rating is less than 60% positive. I’d guess your story is at the end. I’m not sure if Fiverr would even allow you to close all old accounts and start over at this point. Maybe it’s time to think about other income streams.

Good Luck Ahmed

It’s 69% now. I have done alot of work on my previous account. It’s blocked now. My rating was more than 95% on it. @fonthaunt It was below 60% not because of my skills or irresponsibility. It was because of my bad luck. Buyer didn’t explained his order in a correct manner and in the end he gave me negative review.

I am still working to satisfy my new customers and to build good relations with them. Best of luck @fonthaunt. I am very thankful for reading my story and for commenting on it. Always stay blessed.

Thank You @aoun You are doing an amazing Job on Fiverr. Keep it up. Stay blessed.

We build our own luck. If you start blaming bad luck for all of your failures, you’ll continue to spiral downward toward more failure. Accept that you are at fault for your predicament, and move on. Work to improve your luck, and your success will slowly rise as well.

So, I heard that you had used my profile description as yours. On the forum, I see that you enjoy taking other people’s work and posting it as if it were your own.

I don’t particularly care, since you’ve already had one account deleted due to “bad luck” and I can see on your current profile that you have deleted an underperfoming gig (this doesn’t get rid of your overall rating, btw) and… well. Your graphic design samples look nice, I suppose.

I wish you good luck, but mainly because you’ll need it.

Good Luck!