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My story on how I hit Top Rated Seller,Crazy but true


I thought it was time to share my crazy story on how I came to where I’m at here on fiverr

Hi I’m youtubefun. I used to do the craziest YouTube videos I could think of like "Sammy"

Then one day I came a crossed fiverr,lol wasn’t sure what this fiverr place even was:)

But when I learned what fiverr was,I new this was my new home:)

I saw people here really love a crazy video,the off the wall type of video offer:)

So I started offering crazy prank videos,And boom! :slight_smile:

I now have close to 1,400 video gigs done.

But it wasn’t easy Oh no never :0

I had to learn a lot,One to make sure I talk to my buyers,And give them what they

really are looking for,Due to the videos they need are for family and friends.

Fiverr never said it would be easy just worth it:)

sound like someone you Know of :slight_smile:

But that is true in all things great.

The Fiverr team has always been their for me even when I wanted to just give it all up.

That’s way I’m still here going strong.

Anyone can make it great here,Just dig deep and offer your real best and your orders will fly.

I’m the first to say I have my down falls,But with the help you have here,You can hit any goal

And see yourself hit it big.

And thanks to fiverr’s help that is what I was able to do.

Get to know the fiverr team and the fiverr family.

Its is a true golden box to open and have on your side.

I wish you all the very best here.

I’m proof anyone can make it to Top Rated Seller, Just believe in yourself.

And know that the fiverr family has your back:)


Congrats :slight_smile:

I hope one day I will became a TRS :smiley:


:slight_smile: I know you will


gorungigs your featured video rocks!!!


Congratulations. I love hearing of success stories. It encourages me


Reply to @soldierdollar:

Thank you and I looked at all your gigs:) Super great offers at 100% rating:)

Your on your way to hit Top rated Seller:)

I see your a great one:) See you on the top soon:)


Reply to @oldbittygrandma:

Thank you so much you have been the one on here that I have tried to be as great

as you:) Your a fiverr legend:) The Top of the fiverr game! I we all could learn so much from you.


Great! There;s so much gig idea with video… Unfortunately Im Malaysian and not very fluent in English… ;(


I remember I featured you in Fiverrtastic and within a few months you were TRS. You do such an awesome job. The 24hr gigs really paid off and helped you extend it the higher levels you got. Amazing work!


Reply to @cust0mcr3ationz: How to get featured in your blog mate…?? So that i too would become a TRS like him and create an inspiring thread like this one…


I can’t guarantee that you would, but it really helps get noticed. I have helped at least 10 people go from a levels seller to a Top Rated Seller. Some of them are popular sellers and did it with hard work, but the blog sure helped.


Wise Words


I love your work, it’s so funny, your great entertainer.


I really needed to see a post like this. I am still feeling “new” even after reaching level two. I’m still finding out what I really like to do on Fiverr. The video thing resonated with me more than I ever thought it would. I never thought I’d be doing the type of stuff I am that for sure.

Like everyone else I have aspirations of being a top rated seller, but I don’t want to miss any of the gems along the way. These forums are an awesome resource. I have been reading off and on for several days now.

That you for your advice and the inspiration!


wawww… very funny service


You’re an inspiration for us, congrats!!! =D>


Congratulations! Your gigs are amazing!


Congrats !


Very unique. Well done. I love success out of left field.


Congrats! I have a hope to become Top Rated oneday :smiley: