My story so far


I began using Fiverr seriously around a week ago. I got one order only a month after my account creation, coincidently when I began taking Fiverr seriously, and I have only received one other order since then. So in other words, it has practically taken me 2 months to earn $8. Given I was inactive 90% of those two months, I’d say around $8 in over a week. I’ll have to say, I’m quite disappointed on my earnings, expecting to at least crack the $20/week mark. So far, despite my 10 unique gigs, only 20% have actually received an order. That being said, I have ensured that those two orders were 100% completed to a high standard.

Let’s move on. Last night, I created a video for my gig, which I believe gets the message across in a professional manner, having included in the gig an example of my work. Once I uploaded the video, I was sure that by the next morning, or after 24 hours, I would have acquired at least one order, which was not the case.

Am I expecting too much of fiverr? All of my gigs obtain positive ratings, and my gigs range from writing reviews, to web design – both in which I believe I am capable of completing to a high standard. I am very familiar with CSS/HTML, my English is most of the time flawless, but I’m still unable to expand my Fiverr experience.

What are your thoughts on this situation?


Not sure on this one, buddy.


You’re clearly a man of high expectations, so let’s get nitpick-y.

  • The stock images as the immediate representation of 80% of your gigs have got to go. Not only would I not click them, I would go out of the way with my cursor so as not to collide with any of them.

  • Let’s remove the unmistakeable negative word “unfortunately” from your description. It’s marketing psychology, unless you are trying to encourage your audience to act against that negative.

  • Confident? Invest just $5…and go get yourself a pro gig promo.

  • Compromise – at the very least before you consider lessening your focus here – and offer more (eg. 2 reviews per, how long can it really take you to type a paragraph, mate?)

  • Beg, erm- hire oranje web design or other cost-efficient marketing group. (citizen’s note: The organization, not any forum entities that may or may not bear similar resemblance in nomenclature)

    Additional thoughts include a 3D designer who produces complex 3d models who has only got – check this out – the EXACT amount of sales you have – it gets even better – in the EXACT amount of time you’ve been here. So, it may be a larger issue.