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My strategy to be on top of gig search results [CLOSED]

Recently I have been playing around with the Fiverr web to get an idea on their search result optimization…here are my tips.

  1. Appealing thumbnail/banner
    Do not use someone else’s picture (perhaps an attractive Asian girl with a cleavage) but DO use an attractive, appealing, unique, plus what describes your gig the BESTEST.

*****Tip of the tips: I found was that first 2 results will Always have top sellers/popular search results(impressions) but if your thumbnail is appealing - it goes on the top of the rest. Believe it or not.

  1. Short but unique and your-own-eye-catching Title.

Remember when you used to go to the bookstore/library and just randomly searched for a book? And there is a book title that popped out of all the other books in the shelves. Doesn’t matter how much the content sucked(maybe), you were sold.

*****Tip of the tips: if you have an appealing, eye-catching title with a 5 star rating : chances are, MUCH MORE IMPRESSION from your potential buyer.

  1. TAG is important.
    Make sure you study what that is. Play with it and change or switch around the order of tags, how these are put in when you set up/edit your gig page. It is very important you know what buyers are exactly typing in the search bar.

*****Tip of the tips: log out of your Fiverr, try to search for your gig/related gig as if you were the buyer. Find out why other gigs come up first and not yours(it will make you feel worse when Level 1 seller gigs come up ahead of your Level 2 seller gig). I have tried it and yup, Fiverr works just like other websites, it’s just a smaller community, but growing everyday, Google search on Fiverr gigs is even possible.

  1. Don’t be afraid of raising your price. (This increase serious buyers’ clicks)

Even Fiverr encourages this. Up-selling is important too if you are a great sales person, but if you aren’t so good at that, setting your starting rate a bit higher will flick out some cheapees/scammers(will come along sometimes) and you will gain respectful/appreciative/reasonable buyers with great endless opportunities.

*****Tip of the tips: Of course, make sure you offer custom orders for those who are really on a budget for $5 who just needs some minor job done. However, your work is valuable and you are here for BUSINESS, and most of the buyers are BUSINESS personnels themselves. You cannot be a loser in a “win, win” slogan-derived website.

****All are my own ideas! Hope you guys bring successful sales and go forward towards the world of Fiverr entrepreneurs!!!

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Great Tips. Thanks.

Excellent tips!

Helpful! Thank you!

Help!!! My new gig is not coming up in search results

This happened to me once when I was a new seller. Try my tips first and wait a day or two. Plus try going on Buyer Requests and offer a bargain deal to make your first sale.

Getting your first order going is difficult, so for newbies I recommend using Buyer Requests feature offering your potential buyer a bargain deal - do not work for money for this one! It is to prove your worth and it is worth it along the way! Trust me. Even good sellers do not get sales sometimes and use this feature.

One more thing I would like to add is that

Download Fiverr App on your phone and have yourself Online, available at all times - people search for sellers that are available online and do not have the patience to wait for a sleeping/brb sellers when there are ten other sellers available online.

very impressive contribution especially for newbie. thank you very much your outstanding effort.

I am new to fiverr. My gigs has very few clicks and view .

This tip is awesome, being looking to get my gig pop up on the first page. I will put this to a try. @flawlessbamy thanks. I will love to ask what can I do to get orders, having issues with this seriously.

Yeah I am still waiting for my first order. Can you review my profile and let me know what I am doing wrong here?

You are taking just the right steps, it is just that I see a lot of writing articles gigs other than yours. Try buyer requests to get the first reviewer.

My pleasure!

Try buyer requests feature and offer a bargain deal to prove your work and get the first reviewer. At first, it is all about proving your work and getting thoes remarks.

I don’t even get a lot of orders sometimes…! I think once you get your first customers tho, it is important to keep them tied to you as well. Offering bargain deals for your loyal customers!

Awesome Ans thanks alot…flawlessbamy

Hello flawlessbamy, thank you for the tips and advice they are really amazing and sure so helpful… I will try them out, some of them I used to do and it worked but I will try the others.

However do you think as seller level 1 (as me) should raising the price of the gig? or not yet.

Thank you, I hope all the best to you!

I would say…research and look around what other sellers are offering. When I was a level 1 seller(i was a level 1 for more than 6 month) i tried to research what other sellers (level 2) are offering in their gigs. Perhaps, i.e. translate 250 words for 5 dollars. I followed the trend or offer a little more like 300 words. Did not offer it too cheap though because it is sales ethic for others. But definately follow the trend.