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My success story or how the Fiverr kills my business

Hello everyone, my name is Gleb Sergeev, I’m a musical digital producer.
A year and a half ago I can not imagine that Fiverr will give me so much work that at some point I did not have time to do it. But this story is not about how to achieve income of several thousand dollars, but how you can lose everything in one moment.

Denied gig.

At the very beginning, I practically did not encounter this problem. I had a service related to promotion in Spotify playlists. When he was rejected, I wrote a letter to the Fiverr support team, where it was said that I potentially violated the rules of a third party. Well I said, I changed the service to exclude any possible reasons. (the Fiverr team never mentioned specific reasons, although from the very beginning I tried to learn and exclude errors)
Next was a successful period, I made about 4 services related to the promotion of artists and musicians and their songs in Spotify. There were a lot of customers, because now it’s an urgent topic.
I had a service of viral promotion of spotify songs in blogs and facebook communities. Yes, I agree that this method is not entirely legal, as it violates the rules of working with facebook.
I used this method since it was cheap and real traffic. This service and promotion in the playlists were rejected.

Dozens of twins and clones who wrote that they are Gleb Sergeev.

As soon as I gained popularity, clones appeared that wrote my name in the services. I had to contact customer support. I ran two questions in parallel. About my Miracle Gig - Viral advertising Spotify - was restored, I was told a few mistakes, I realized that you need to respect both the rules and this chance. Since I worked for many years promoting artists through facebook ads, I knew and could direct legal and clean traffic. I became completely clean in this regard and could report back to the support team. Because of this, I had to increase the price of the service, but now everything is cool, clean and healthy. At that moment I was happy that everything was fine.

Attack of the clones.
Due to the fact that my spotify promotion services have become very popular. the cloning boom came. People stupidly wrote in the services that they are me. Started a real Chaos in the promotion section of Spotify. I knew that in this section there are about 10-15 adequate sellers and hundreds excuse - abnormal people. Business went to mass cleaning.

Mass cleaning or black Monday.
I do not exclude that this cleaning was initiated by the Spotify service. Since there were services with cheating. In a few days, almost all the services related to spotify have been removed by the Fiverr team. Under this, all the normal salesmen and anyone got.

I also started writing to the support team, to find out the reasons. But alas, support did not want to understand, they wrote standard forms, just to not solve the issue. Third party, a third party, a potential violation. I told them 5 times that my service was already rejected, I solved all the mistakes, I can provide a report for each order and an extract from Facebook about the fact that I’m making a legal promotion. But it’s useless, they do not want to listen to me.
I had to write again, but the employee did not even answer me and the question was automatically resolved.

Thank you Fiverr for what you gave me work. But I’m not a beast to be treated like this.
I sent all my customers to the fiverr to conduct transactions here.
I got spit. I can not rely on you. You are destroying the destiny of man.

Do not build an illusion even if you are a successful seller on a fiverr, at any time you can throw and no one at all to intercede for you.

I await your comments and advice. Thank you.


I understand you are upset, and I empathize with you. But there are forces beyond you that you cannot do anything about. It is possible that Spotify may have threatened to sue Fiverr unless they removed all gigs related to their platform, in which case Fiverr was left with little choice. I am just guessing. Of course, it is tragic what happened to you, but I am not sure it is entirely Fiverr’s fault. I wish you all the success in your future endeavors.


The fact is that advertising through facebook ads is legal. Where is the gratification of the fact that if I format the gig as correctly as possible and will work, honestly clean and transparent. Then the support service for the fiver will not remove the service again, and what’s worse is the account. The fact is that the team does not give reasons and does not want to consider this issue in detail. I’m the same affected party because of the clones.

@Writer99025 is right. This is a terrible situation but it is simply too dangerous to create gigs these days which base the services they offer on improving the rank or success of people on 3rd party social media sites etc.

If I was and I found out that 1 person on Fiverr was selling a gig which manipulated how my business works, I would request removal of every gig. I do not know who you are, I have no relationship with you. All I know is that you are using my brand name to potentially disrupt my business.

This is why so many people suffer with 3rd party TOS violations.

If I was you. I would sit down, think about ways to rebox your service and relaunch it without using any brand names. Sorry, but this just how things are now.

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Do you want to say that I need to replace in the future, for example promotion spotify on the promotion of streaming, that is, to exclude all specific references to a third party?

Yes, this is how I would do it.

People who are legitimate full-time social media and content marketers will often use software which sites like Spotify release an API for so that people can work directly with different platforms in an approved way.

If I was to sit down now and create a social media marketing gig for Facebook in which I legitimately logged into clents FB accounts every day and made posts etc, I would expect this gig to be banned because FB isn’t going to look at who I am and what I do. FB is going to see a random person in Malta using the FB brand name to sell a service which they have nothing to do with.

I’m not saying just remove mentions of specific 3rd party sites like Spotify. I am saying that you need to take time out and think/research how to reinvent your service in a way which will never get flagged for even suspected TOS violations.

Thank you. Good Idea.

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I hope it works out!

Why does the fiver allow again sellers with services that clearly violate the rules.? I see every day there are services that are related to the Spotify. The team of the fiverr acts double-faced.

I know your pain but it is not even worth trying to make sense of how Fiverr polices some sellers and not others. - You could try sitting under a tree and meditating for a few thousand years to achieve a higher level of consciousness but by then, it will probably have all blown over anyway.


I see two possible answers, and one doesn’t exclude the other:

  1. They haven’t been caught yet.

  2. Removing a huge amount of gigs at once might be bad for Fiverr (imagine a huge number of gigs suddenly disappearing from the site, it might give a bad impression).

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You can recreate the gig! Just don’t mention any promise likes, followers, views, subscription or any increase of these categories.

I’m afraid of inserting the word “Spotify” to somewhere else.