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My successes story in fiverr


hi im lanakaebay!im a level 2 seller.i start my work in fiverr 7 months ago!in last 3 months i was dreaming about a new bike :smiley: so i work around only 2 hours per day!finally made 1700$ in just one month!!!thnx fiverr!!!you are my hero!:slight_smile: here is a image of my successes!

i found all money from this gig

and i hope i will get top rated soon!:slight_smile: im new member to this forum but i think to help all of friends here!:slight_smile:


Well Done! Thats an awesome amount. :slight_smile:




i hope you will buy a new computer soon form fiverr money!just stick into a plan buddy!!and add more gigs


well done buddyโ€ฆ


way to go! congrats and keep up the good work! =D>


From designing logos?

Well done!


Congrats and continued good luck with your gig(s)


congrats :slight_smile:

Nice bike


yeah thats money just from logos


Wooo Itโ€™s great amount and would like to hear this from more Sri Lankansโ€ฆ Keep going dude!


well done. proud to be a my nation.