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My successful seller account was deleted due to a misunderstanding. Is there any way I can get through to the Fiverr administration?

Dear Fiverr Community,

I registered on Fiverr as a seller in the fall of 2018, and have been consistently receiving and fulfilling orders ever since. I’ve had about 40 positive reviews (and not one negative) and customers have been coming back to me because of the quality work I do. My rating was always 4.9 or 5.0.

I have worked with vector and raster illustrations, and almost never changed my Gig covers. In March of this year, I put my illustration on the cover of the Gig “draw a vector flat illustration with people” that I had created and sold to another person a year ago. But he and I agreed that I could use that illustration in my portfolio, which I did. And that same day Fiverr blocked my profile and all my Gigs, apparently thinking my illustration was stolen. But it wasn’t. I wrote to Fiverr customer support immediately, where I explained the situation in details and attached sketches of the picture to prove it was mine. I explained that I broke the rules stupidly, but I didn’t steal anyone else’s artwork. And I asked to be unblocked so that I could remove the illustration from my portfolio.

In response I received a disinterested email that looked like a bot. I did not get any response, asked to wait patiently. And I waited. A few weeks later I wrote to costomer support again and asked if my case was reviewed. I was told again that I had to wait.

While my account was on lockdown, I could finalize the orders I had already started, but could not receive new ones. I had two orders for $180 each, which is a total of $360. I finished one of them (the animated video), and made the delivery. And almost finished the second one (drew 2 illustrations out of 3), and the next day Fiverr deleted my account permanently. And cancelled the two orders. I received no warning and no explanation as to why this was done. I lost money for a month of work that was almost to the end - $360. As well as lost a platform where I have successfully worked for over two years, and brought the site a commission on their earnings. I think I was treated very unfairly and I am still in shock about this situation.

I understand that no one in customer support read my messages and no one would look into my situation. My mistake was that I added that work to my portfolio, but I immediately tried to correct it (I wrote to customer support). I don’t think it deserves to be permanently deleted, as well as the lost $360.

My profile was patrismerso.


Be calm, persistent and talk to Customer support. Explain your case carefully and consistently.

Do not open new tickets, responding to ticket will keep it open.

Continue until your case is reviewed by higher management.

If after their HM reviews and still confirms your deletion, you have nothing else to do but to focus on your own webstore and sell your services using your own website.

Fiverr can shut down any day for 1000 different reasons, 60% are not under your control.

Stay safe.


Thanks for your support!