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My successive attempt at some sales

If you wouldn’t mind taking some time to view my profile, click around… see anything you’d recommend me changing to get some new views? I’m looking to kick off my profile, hopefully get my first gig going…

I’ve been looking through the forums, reading a lot. Just trying to intake as much information as I can over the last few days. Any other input is always great… Thanks you.

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much appreciated!


Two things jumped out at me.

You are charging just $5.

You are using a 1-day delivery.

Combined, these make your Gigs appear spammy.

Some Buyers will just skip over them as a result.

I hope that helps.


Hi, I appreciate your input. I’d like a little further detail if you don’t mind, how cheap and quick prices seem spammy. I’m honestly just trying to get my first order in for a great review. I’m not working anywhere currently. So for my gigs listed. They’re no problem for me to finish within 24 hours.

I really do appreciate your input and I’ll look forward to what price range how long.


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I am also a Buyer.

I skip the $5, 1-Day Delivery Gigs because I question the quality.

You only have to increase your prices to $10 and extend your delivery to 2-days to avoid this.

That’s all.


Yes, it’s real and I suggest him If he will set here 3 prices like Basic, Stander, Premium and explain about this 3 price maybe that is very helpful for getting order.


That is fantastic to hear! Far too many don’t.

You’re looking for general tips, or specific? If the former, then the UPYOUR series is a good read: Search results for 'upyour @eoinfinnegan in:first' - Fiverr Community Forum and if the latter then (PRF) point 2: Basics to Improve Your Gig. A helpful breakdown and guide


Walk into a Walmart. Look around.
Walk into a BMW dealership. Look around.

Walmart, as an enterprise, most certainly makes more money.
BMW dealerships - as a whole - most certainly PAY more money.

You don’t work for Fiverr. You work for you. You’re not the Walmart. You’re not the dealership. You’re the employee. The employee of you. Where do you want to be?

The environment you provide for yourself will dictate your success.

(Unfolds crossed legs, sits down ancient pipe and returns to hammering at the piano)


Thank you so much for the kind links. I’ll be sure to read through them.
I’ve not only been reading but looking up tons of videos online, which honestly isn’t too smart considering, people are creating fiverr videos just to get views and very much the same like other videos… It’s hard to find someone actually willing to travel the mile explaining little things.
I’m liking the forums, seems helpful. A lot of people new it seems, just jump in, get upset their gigs aren’t improving, give up. Etc. I know the basics when it comes down to social engagement, and participating in communities, its an amazing start.

I’m always open to specific tips, or general. My ears are open. I was posting this thread in reguards to just getting an overview… Anything that might stand out, like looseink mentioned above… I’ll go through and edit my gigs and see if It makes any improvement.

Thank you both for suggestions :wink:


Thank you for your vision of the scenario!
I’m putting it into perspective, I wasn’t able to comment as I’m a new member and already replied enough apparently.

I’ve changed the prices by 5 dollars more besides 2 of nearly the same gigs, that on my part. Not as much effort. So I plan to keep them smaller. I’ve raised delivery times.

I hope I wasn’t trying to come off cheap or anything. Thank you aswell for your comment.


If you want Videos (I’m a visual learner, too) then I recommend:
. Frank_d Milestone + Announcement time! - #81 by frank_d (Warning: LONG)
. Top 5 Tips to Protect Yourself from Badly Behaved Buyers (Coerdelion has two other tips videos, too.)