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My Suggestion to buyers!

I would recommend some tips to buyers before the placing orders.

  1. Kindly read the title first.
  2. Kindly read full description very carefully it will take only 2 to 3 mints.
  3. Before placing your order kindly read the packages price and service which they provide in the package.
  4. Once you place your order then kindly submit your full details about your project. It easy and helpful for seller to understand your request.

Best Regards,


Unfortunately, these aren’t tips. All you did was list the process for looking at any gig, and then told people to submit details when they place an order. These are things every buyer already does when they visit a gig, and hire the seller of that gig.


That’s good point… :blush::blush::blush:

Yes most of buyer know about that but there some looking for banner design and place there order on logo design gig and also they want something else which you not offering on your gig.

Also some buyers need logo then place a order just send one line details like this ( I need a logo for my website and logo name is Spoon Center). They don’t provide there slogan, colors, details about the business etc. Therefor I post the tips for buyers.

I hope you understand.


Well, then, clearly you aren’t asking the right questions of your buyers. In all of my gigs, I have 9-10 automated questions that they have to answer, and all of those questions are specifically designed to obtain important information about their project needs. My clients are required to answer those questions, and I know exactly what they need from me.

I’ve been a buyer myself, though, and to be completely honest, far too many “sellers” that I have worked with, “ask” only one question – a question that says something to the effect of: “tell me what you need, and I design it to your best satisfaction”. Seriously? That’s a terrible and completely ineffective question. No wonder you’re having problems with buyers not providing the exact information you need. You aren’t asking them for details.

If you don’t ask for specific details, your buyers aren’t obligated to provide any.

I’m sad to hear that your buyers aren’t providing the kind of information you need in order to complete their orders. However, that doesn’t sound like it’s their fault. Instead, it sounds like YOU aren’t taking things seriously, and really digging into the exact needs of your buyers. That’s your fault, and I sincerely hope you correct that, if you want to stop having your buyers give you “one line details”.

If you ask the right questions, you’re not going to get “one line answers”.

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I ask every clients these question.

Please provide me below tips… and Please say all the things you have to say.
1.Your logo name -
2.Tagline/Slogan -
3. What do your Business do mainly?
4. Web site if any -
5. Colors you like -(Optional)
6. What is your choice for your logo Ex:-Text Only, Symbol Only, Text and Symbol -
7. Please mention where use your logo -
8. Name 3 or more Main Goals of your Company/Firm -
9. Some examples for inspiration if you have?

but some time still buyers not provide these information they send only logo name.