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My support account has been suspended, Withdrawal - suspended and NO REPLY from support at all

If someone has had experience in similar questions - please share.

I can’t login anymore to my Fiverr support account. When I try to login - the only message I see: "Sorry, your account has been suspended!"

Few months ago someone has illegally withdrawn $52 from my account.

After this - I’ve asked to suspend PayPal withdrawal ability until I want to withdraw funds to my account by my own.

10 days! ago I’ve asked to unlock this ability. Firstly I’ve asked to withdraw to my friend’s PayPal, but support manager asked me to provide my personal information.

4 days ago I’ve provided my passport, selifie with passport and my PayPal email ID.

Today I’ve tried to login to my support account to check ticket status and just noticed that account is suspended without any explanation and any email notification.

I am very loyal Fiverr seller, I’ve recommended to use Fiverr to 3 of my friends, who has started to sell successfully and now I feel disappointed and robbed by Fiverr.

Thank you,

Zilana (Maryna Korol)

As other sellers have problems with withdrawal, hopefully support is overloaded.

Will wait )


What is Fiverr support account? Do you mean another account of yours?

I mean that I can still deliver orders and talk with clients, but once I try to login to - I see this (( I would be happy just to get feedback from support, but no email at all.

Fiverr Customer Support

My support page looks like this. It happened once I’ve asked is there any support manager whom can I contact as I haven’t get any answer for more than 4 days. ((

If you cannot reach CS email them at

Reply to @scoban: Thank you, I’ve sent an email 24 hors ago, but still not respond or even auto respond. Hope they will answer soon, cause I need to withdraw moeny ASAP

I’ve received revenue card and here is a new surprise. Withdrawal to revenue card is limited as well ((

  • Withdrawal PayPal - limited
  • Withdrawal Payoneer - limited
  • Fiverr support - suspended

And np email from support regarding any of those issues.
Fiverr is my only income, I live in Aisa with my family.
Does anyone have experience in similar situations.

Is there any Fiverr support phone number?

hii there
i’m having same issue with support account getting suspended but for different reason
i placed 2 tickets for same issue
received a warning
and my account got suspended

can anyone help me how to get the account reactivated?
i’m in need of real help
plzz reply soon