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My Take on The Inclusion of Fiverr Pro

At a glance, the freelance sphere on Fiverr is differentiated by the high price tags as seen on Pro gigs.
What comes into my mind is the fact that most people know Fiverr as the $5 Website. With this thought - for me I think, new buyers who are visiting the site for the very first time will be hit by the high price tag as seen on Pro gigs. When this phenomenon happens, then the outcome will be two things - either the dodge off to gigs with low prices or they bounce off the site.

I also think that any company churning out between $200 and $400 to acquire a service ( especially for a writing gig) on fiverr is capable of getting a full time employee. Leaving out some of the professional gigs like Voice Overs and Explainer videos, rushing into being a pro on fiverr has an uncertain outcome.
Talking about returning buyers; I believe for most freelancers who have been accepted into the Pro game is surely a top rated seller. Before being a top rated seller, you must have achieved a certain level of success here on fiverr and that includes giving all of your best in other to maintain the fiver stars streak. So, as a pro, who is also a top rated seller, how do you convince your buyers to churn out such amount for the same quality they have been getting from a top rated seller.

Theoretically, I see no difference between a pro and a top rated seller other than the spellings. I stand to be corrected. I am in a rush and have to hit the road - if you find any grammatical blunders or spelling errors, laugh it off.


Most of the PRO sellers are new comers :slight_smile:


I think the best way this would have even taken a better route is for fiverr to make those highly top rated gigs as Pros. Besides that, I wonder what will be the reputation of fiverr if Pro members start delivering low quality


They are newbies on Fiverr, but several of them are very successful freelancers or even businesses outside of Fiverr. Fiverr brought them in hoping their target audience will follow. Time will tell if that’s the case. So far I haven’t seen reviews on their new PRO gigs. Fiverr will probably try to promote it again in a few weeks or so.

I think their quality is good, but an average Fiverr buyer might not see the justification for the price range. Like it or not, Fiverr’s #1 selling point is the price (hence the name Fiverr). It will be difficult to change that mindset.

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If that is the case, then someone is surely playing with their intelligence. If their audience should follow, then they may surely start loosing their buyers. I bet someone here on Fiverr is ready to offer a super quality Video explainer for $150 as opposed to the $400 these pros charge.

As a buyer I agree. I didn’t come to Fiverr 2 years ago to hire a designer for $1000. I can get this price from a local agency with a proper legal contract, references etc.

In another thread regarding PROs, several of us said that Fiverr should have created a separate listing for PROs. That way PROs would have a fighting chance. Oh well, maybe there’s something we don’t see yet :slight_smile:


Maybe, I guess we have to leave that to time.

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I think its a very thoughtful initiative of fiverr to promote new comers who are skillful.

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Thats not the angle I am coming from. Will the promotion help or deter their success ? Just like @uxreview said “the selling point of fiverr is its price.” The promotion fiverr is doing can be likened to putting food on the table of someone who is already filled up. :smile: The promotion is only going to shift the sells to lower prices.

Humans are generally curious. If I am a buyer, and I see a price tag of $400 and $200 with the same ingredients, why will I go for the $400. Remember that a penny saved is a penny earned.

I thought I was the only one who noticed this… :joy:

Level1 > Level2 > Top Rated > Pro

I think this is acceptable

Yes, this is the case for me. I am a Pro seller and was approached by Fiverr to join. Happy to answer any questions.

For some sellers the quality of their work means they can set prices that are far above the other sellers on fiverr. And there probably is a good market for them.