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My taken tast ( Passed ) are gone and cannot re-take it

Hi, I hope all of you are doing well and safe !!

Suddenly my Fiverr “taken test” is not visible in my profile. Then, I have contacted the customer service and could not get a valid answer to that issue. Is there anyone ever faced with the same issue and what are the actions I can take for this type of issue? Even I have tried to do the exams again and it’s getting an error code when clicking for the exam. It would be really great if anyone can help me with this situation.

Stay Safe !!!

wait for 3 months to re-take it :grinning:

I have already passed those exam back on last year and it was visible untill this coming month on my profile. I have already passed those exams.

fiverr change the skill test policy so fiverr removes so many skills tests like 3Dmax, After Effects and more.

Fiverr has removed the vast majority of skill tests. See:

The After Effects one is one that should still remain (see the link above).

There does seem to be a bug though, because even taking one of the tests that remain (eg. Wordpress 4.1) gives an error. That was reported on another thread. Reporting errors to CS should help prevent them, though the OP has already contacted CS.

But if you report the error to CS and attach a screenshot/screenshots showing the error in the support ticket, that should help.

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That can be a one of a issue it seems. Thanksp

Thank you @uk1000 for info.

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