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My Thoughts on Promotional Gigs on Fiverr -- A Buyer Becoming a Seller

There are very few sellers who are selling legitimate promotions on fiverr. I have searched endlessly and tried a whole bunch over the last few years. So many promise things like “I will promote you to 1 Million of my followers”. It’s always bogus. Especially if they’re doing it for $5.

For example, I recently bought a promotion to promote something to “2 million students” and the seller sent me a report afterwards which was just a bunch of pictures showing she has posted the link to a bunch of google communities (each with several hundred thousand followers). They were not her followers, there was zero engagement, and it was overall a bogus gig.

These Sellers are preying on uneducated buyers. A lot of buyers on fiverr have no clue how to assess the results of a promotional gig. They have no clue what follower engagement, influence, and concepts of social media marketing are. It is true that as a seller, you cannot guarantee results. But in social media marketing, if you have any good influence or real followers, you will definitely have engagement and you will nearly always see good results.

Fiverr is littered with promotional sellers like this. Finding the one good or legitimate promotional seller is like finding a needle in a haystack.

One thing I have noticed is that they never mention where and how they are promoting. Sometimes, it’s even someone who has bought a ton of fake followers on all their social media profiles and claiming them to be real.

Check for these things to see if the seller is legitimate and has a real following:

  1. Overall transparency from the seller is very important. Do they make their sites and social media profiles visible to anyone?

    • If they don’t, then ask for it.
    • Use online tools to check if their followers are fake or real; there are lots of tools available that can check a sellers influence and authority.
  2. Check for long, more in-depth buyer reviews that show the buyer knows what he is talking about and how to assess the results of the promotional gig.

  3. Check for fair prices. I know you came on fiverr because you were looking for something cheap - but, no legitimate social media marketing company will ever promote a gig to their REAL millions of followers for $5. Major companies like Disney and Sony pay millions of dollars for that sort of thing. So, if you see a seller promising “1 million followers will see your stuff for $5” – there is something fishy there. Smaller companies (like mine) will do it for cheaper, however, still expensive relative to most of fiverr.

  4. Look for quality control from the Seller. If a seller promotes anything and everything 24/7, it is likely his followers don’t even care and don’t pay attention to it. Think about the media profiles you follow based on your interests. If they started spamming crap all the time, would you still pay attention to them or follow them? Most real social media marketers will only accept high-quality content that their followers will most likely enjoy seeing. They will reject all other crap.

  5. Look for an extensive FAQ and communicate with the Seller to get a vibe of how they are. If they seem fishy or promising too much, then move on.

I have just become a seller (yesterday!) on fiverr using my Anime and Entertainment related company (and it’s associated social media profiles) and I was thinking about all of the things I had trouble with when I was a buyer. I will aim to be the type of Seller that I always wished i found on fiverr. I have been working on my company and gaining followers the safe, slow, organic way for over a year now and can proudly say that we have a decent amount of followers. This leads to strong engagement and many many impressions, because our stuff gets shared a lot.

Here is my profile/gig:

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