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My time is being wasted

The buyer is not responding even after coming oline . A lot of my time is being wasted as I cant move forward without his approval. What should I do

An online status of a buyer doesn’t mean that he / she is really online and ready to respond you.
Sometimes he / she might open the fiverr app and not close it and doing another thing.

Just be patient, remind him / her politely and don’t spamming and don’t rushing.
Buyer will soon respond to you.

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Yes you are right. Thankyou @gunawanguan for the suggestion I haven’t spammed the buyer I just don’t want the order to get late .

If you need to, you can use the resolution center to ask for more time (due to an unresponsive client).


@imagination7413 Thank you for your reply but As I am new here, will it effect my account to ask for more time from CS?

The resolution center doesn’t utilize CS. It’s an automated assistance program/system so that you can work things out with your buyer without needing to get CS involved. (One of the ways for Fiverr to keep costs down.)

Yes, it’s possible a time extension might have an effect, however, I can say that the alternative (letting an order go late) is MUCH worse. If it goes too late, the Buyer has the right to cancel without notice, which would leave an automatic one-star on your profile. Likewise with almost any other type of cancellation.

source: Fiverr Help and Education Center


@imagination7413 Exactly. Ill keep this in mind. Thanks for sharing this suggestion.

Unfortunately, you will probably face same issues in the future, lack of communication can lead to a lot of problems! Make sure to set gig requirements in a way that you have everything you need to finish order and to communicate everything as soon as order starts. Set yourself in position that you don’t need approval or additional info to finish order, that could save you from lot of trouble in the future!

You can say that again.

I had to wait 2 weeks for a person to reply after they asked for a revision request and never said what was wrong, aside from the fact they didn’t like it. I had to cancel the order in the end, they kept all the work, and even today I never got any reply. So…

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Those are definitely the worst, hope that impact of that order was minimal. Best solution long term is to cancel. From personal experience, as you increase prices number of uncooperative buyers drastically decreases

I’ve been here for 7 years, and I never had such an issue. And I completed a ton of orders… Every forest has its… special trees :slight_smile: