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My timer is showing that I am late

I delivered the order but buyer wanted a revision and now my timer is showing that I am late. Can anybody please tell me what should I do?

Note: I already sent an extension request but the buyer is not accepting that. Buyer sent me the revision just 2 hours before the delivery would be auto completed.

Thanks for your time and advanced thanks for your insight.

Hi @mohammadali04,

If the order was delivered on time, you have nothing to worry. Yes, once the buyer requests a revision, you will see the “LATE” notice, but it won’t affect your stats in anyway. Just work on the revision your buyer requested and deliver it when you’re done.

There’s no need for you to ask for an extension when being on revision. Extension is only to be requested if you feel you won’t be able to deliver the order on time (the delivery of the order, not the delivery of the revision).


Hi @maitasun , thanks for your response. I really appreciate it. The only problem is the buyer now accepted the extension request. Is this going to affect my stats now?

Thanks again for your time.

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You’re most welcome, @mohammadali04!

Nah, don’t worry. Just work on the revision and deliver it once you’re finished.

Hope your buyer doesn’t ask for a new revision and, instead, marks the order as complete!

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So nice of you @maitasun , you are really awesome! Thanks for your kind gesture.

Yeah, I hope that too (that the buyer will mark the order as complete) :wink:

It was really nice talking to you. Thanks again.

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Thanks for your kind words, @mohammadali04. It was nice speaking with you, too.

Once again, you’re most welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

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