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Somebody say that buyer request part was useless and they never got order from it. But i think it not because so many people think it useless and then this is your gold mine to dig in some pure gold.

I’ve got 2,3 nice order with my infographic gig using buyer request. My tips is do your best job at previous order, get exellent review by buyer and you send custom offer to buyer and say that they should check out your great work at ur best gig. I’ve got 2,3 order by this way, it work!!!

Notice that you just got 10 offer to send per day,so use it wisely. Check some request that got less offer and as fast as possible when buyer’ve just up it on buyer request. Because if you see so many offer >10 to 20 offer, that mean buyer maybe already have place order to someone and your offer is useless.Note that Request still visible on Buyer Request when buyer have found their potential seller.

Next is you maybe create many gig at possible with your level ( level 0 7 gig, level 1 15 gig, etc ) on many field you can handle, because you will find that buyer request will only show the request match your gig categlory. And there’re got a lot of “good easy job” that you can miss on other categlory :)), oh i got 1 order like this, i’ve done it so easy and get good income :D.

Check buyer request everyday.

Another trick is buyer might like your work have done and if they like your style, they might place order on you. So that if you got bussiness card gig but no order in this gig, but in inforaphic gig you got 10-20 order with great work, so don’t hesitate to show them your infographic gig and say that: "Hey, i can help you, check out my great work at my infographic gig and i think you will like it, pm me when you need help " . People will check your infographic gig, see great work and they will think you can do great work on bussiness card too, so you got 1 order on bussiness card by infographic gig :slight_smile: that was great, isn’t it?


yes this is great…

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no doubt buyers request does work. I got my initial works through these requests and now many are my permanent customers.


Buyer request is fantastic, most of my gigs have actually come from it, had 3 today, I check it everyday and send out as many requests as possible! :slight_smile:


yes its only thing via which im making money here .There must be easy way using which seller can contact as many buyer as he/she wants.And there must not be limit on offers that seller can send as after all buyer need some services so buyer should have many options to choose from according to need

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Hi thanks for showing the light…after joining I was groping in the dark waiting for buyer requests. Your post is very helpful. Hope to get come requests confirmed.

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Buyer Requests feature is useful… I got three orders and all from there.

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Yes definitely! Yesterday I had 4 people from buyer requests all get back to me at the same time and they all placed an order. I’ve had perhaps 15 or so from buyers requests in the past 29 days since I started. A lot of people just send their gig without writing anything or writing something generic. The buyer wants to know you’ve considered their task and thought about how you can help them.

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Reply to @r3k0d3d: yes it awesome to find buyer, but few people belive it can make sales.

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Reply to @vbmgnt1234: :)) you welcome, remember do your best at some frist order to make it as your profolio, it very usefull to show in buyer resquest

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Reply to @spsingh: Do your buyer requests level up when you do, I haven’t really looked into that yet, like go from 10, to 15, to 20 etc, I must see if I can find some info on that? :slight_smile:


My experience with buyer requests was positive too. I’ve got 2-3 from there since I started (a few years ago - so maybe the balance is not that positive for me). However, in my area of expertise, voice overs and content production, I find lots of requests with a very low budget and most of the times people ask me huge discounts. So, I must confess that I’ve been neglecting it. I believe that it really depends on what you sell. Wish you all the best to all of you. :four_leaf_clover:

Nice tips. I’m really looking forward to implementing these tips in the next offer I send.

Well said, gud to hear from you

Thank you, you give good advice for new seller. Its really good for me.

Thanks for sharind valuable info.