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My tips for orders post removed


Hello fiverrs. Some days ago i made a post for my top10 best tips for getting orders and some hours later my post removed and i cant find it anywhere. What is wrong?



If you copied the tips from somewhere else, they will have been deleted.


No they were my tips! Absolutely no copy. And there was no warning they just removed it.


If they were tips that were not in fact good tips, that is another reason for getting them removed.


Yes but everyone here CAN say his point of you right? There are tips that are good for some and bad for some others


I remember the post, but I was too busy to read your tips in depth. Maybe there is something in the Forum rules that will help you understand why the post was deleted.

There is a section closer to the bottom concerning tips.


Is this :arrow_down: the post you’re talking about?

Your post was merged with the thread titled “Evergreen Advice - Retirement Home for Tips” because a lot of forum users have already shared similar tips in the past. This particular thread called “Evergreen Advice - Retirement Home for Tips” is dedicated to such posts that contain generic advice that has already been given by several other forum users in the past.

Here’s the description of the thread “Evergreen Advice - Retirement Home for Tips”:

This topic series is the “home” for tips that have been often re-posted and don’t need a thread of their own. Tip posts that are a fit for this topic will be moved here and the user can still easily find their post on their forum profile page under Activity.

This is with the hope that sellers who want to post tips that are often repeated can still do so and be seen. It is also for those who may try a “practice” tip post when they are still new. Overall this thread will be used by the Moderators to store often-repeated tips. :slight_smile:

Your post was not removed, just relocated. If you click on the above-mentioned link, you can still access your tips.


Oh i didnt know that. Thank you so much


Please research advice before you share it. Otherwise it’s redundant for people here who’ve seen it posted before.

If it’s very basic advice, chances are that someone has already posted it.