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My tips For seller

-Always use the 10 buyer’s request daily. share your gig on social media and keep your profile complete.
-Use an engaging gig picture…make sure to use right colors and fonts so as to make the buyer motivated to view and place the order.


I am new user , and mostly requests are not showing on my side. But i am fully try to keep online and capture the requests.

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Good tips dear web_mind171

No, no, no.

Only send BRs for which you are well suited. Sending 10 a day is only helpful if you are well suited to all of them (which is unlikely – most BRs are incredibly exploitative and from incompetent buyers) and all of your BR responses are professional and tailored to each buyer and highlight the problems you solve.

You don’t get sales merely by posting 10 per day. And most sellers without a Level don’t even access to that many BRs.

This myth of “you must send 10 BR every day” needs to go the way of the Dodo and I have no idea why people keep saying that. This is why Buyers come here complaining of getting inundated with poor quality, generic responses that don’t even address how they will understand and solve the problems Buyers have expressed.

Stop emphasizing an amount of sales prospecting. Start emphasizing QUALITY prospecting.

You only have three reviews, so I’m not sure why you’re giving advice, anyway.

Giving this kind of advice will not help you get sales or appear skilled. You create the opposite impression with this kind of advice.


I have to say amen to that. Most of people think sending all the buyer request even if the job don’t fit them , what will probably cause you some canceled orders, because you have to ask yourself , what if the buyer just accept the offer you sent ?
Stay professional , use the buyer request to offer what feel you can do.


Thank you.

Fiverr would be a much more credible place if Sellers stopped flooding people with generic requests, generic, spammy social media posts, incorrect advice in the forum, etc.

There’s SO much emphasis from amateurs here in the forum and in those “Get rich quick” Fiverr Youtube videos on posting as many messages you can in as many places as you can. This hurts all Sellers. Fiverr has a bad rap and it’s partly because of all the bad advice Sellers take. It’s about quality and solving Buyers’ problems, not about posting as much as you can. That’s not how lead generation works.


Posting generic tips that have been posted thousands of times already isn’t going to help you.