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This one is reasonably current:


If you type “why does fiverr take 20% from tips” in the search bar above there are numerous posts on the subject which will explain the reasoning behind this.


Thank you very much for your help

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This topic has been debated many, many times in the forums.

Whether you like it or not, Fiverr take a 20 percent cut off all money paid.

This is to ensure that buyers and sellers don’t agree a shady deal between them along the lines of “If I order a $5 gig, can we agree that I will pay you a $400 tip?”.

In other words, Fiverr won’t be conned out of receiving their $80 commission.

I have no problem with Fiverr taking 20% commission on everything as it ensures that people can’t cheat the system and of course it pays for the many services that go into providing this platform.


This type of shady deal never happened and could only ever happen if you had sellers perpetually high on acid.

Who in their right mind is going to deliver even $50 of work for $5 and hope they get the rest as a tip?

It would be far easier for sellers to just subvert fiverr completely, by finding was to contact people messaging them off fiverr, before offering them a 10% discount to do business direct.

Fiverr takes a 20% cut AND $2 transaction fee on tips because it can and it wants the money. I really wish people would just accept that and not keep promoting this insane “sellers could subvert the system” narrative.

This is nothing but a bit of spin put out there by Fiverr that makes everyone who works here look like a complete idiot.


Well, this is Fiverr. A place where hundreds of sellers don’t see a scam that’s right in front of their face.

A place where many are desperate for a great review and they think voluntarily exploiting themselves is the way to get it.

A place where many sellers bow and scrape to get an order no matter what the risks and poor returns are.

So while it would make no sense for a seller to accept such an order given the risks and contract issues, common sense is not so common on Fiverr.

And every day in the forum and on social media we see the absurd tricks novice sellers play because they think it will get them ahead.

I’d love to think a rule wouldn’t be necessary if rational thinking indicates it would make no sense to do this, irrational, unethical behaviour on Fiverr is cause for concern.

I don’t see how you can say this has never happened without proof and even if it hasn’t, that doesn’t mean it never would.


I was going to quote TOS, but I can not find the rules regarding tips, only GIGs.

“Each Gig you sell and successfully complete, accredits your account with a net revenue of 80% of the purchase amount.”

You are working in Fiverr. You must agree with the percentage taken from you. Fiverr is not gonna change anything unfortunately.

You may want to check this topic: "High" Fiverr Fees - Explained 💶

This has never happened because it can’t ever happen. There has never been a way to receive any payment on Fiverr that is not subject to Fiverrs’ 20% commission. Before tips could be left on orders as they are now, tips could only be processed as regular payments on gigs, hence the existence of tip jar gigs like that discussed on the forum a few days ago.

Implying that Fiverr only charges a commission on tips because it was once possible for sellers to subvert the system is not based on any fact, and reflects poorly on every single seller here. It basically says "Fiverr sellers can’t be trusted, and are a bit stupid."

This is all that needs to be said on this matter.

Why people seem to want to keep perpetuating the absolutely false narrative that it was ever possible to buy a $5 gig and tip sellers more without paying the usual 20% commission on tip amounts is beyond me.

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I didn’t know that it was never possible to do this. When I you hadn’t provided “proof” this is what I was looking for. So you can spare me the attitude. It’s not unreasonable for me to expect you to corroborate your claim.

In any case my whole point is why Fiverr WOULDN’T allow tipping without their commission and my point stands. A lot of sellers are extremely ignorant and wouldn’t have a problem with trying to do this even though it makes no sense. If you disagree, that’s fine. I just don’t understand why you’re getting so heated about it.

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Guys, please don’t ruin this new seller’s day! I know how it feels to have a whole forum against your opinion.

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Be nice. :slightly_smiling_face:

It is what it is. 20% has never been a problem to me. My only problem has been…your fiverr account has been disabled…huh? what? how? when?..violation of the term of service. PERIOD!!
The day fiverr team will solve this thing, sellers will be having a better time in this platform

This is what troubles me with your post.

You shouldn’t be doing that.

I don’t think I can make you see how valid it is that Fiverr still takes a cut from your tips, but what I can tell you is that you shouldn’t be nice to people so they will tip you.

If you want to be nice to your customers because you truly want to build relationships and offer value, then by all means you are free to do so.

But being nice just because you want something out of it, a monetary reward, it just feels wrong. Plus you will continue feeling frustrated when that tip doesn’t come.


Quite frankly, I can do as I see fit.
I’m always nice when it comes to all of my clients if I get a tip or not- so whatever you’re implying, keep it.

My business on all platforms requires that I’m extra nice with the hopes that I receive one. If I don’t, oh well!

As I previously mentioned, in today’s economy- I need all of my money.

I was told that Fiverr doesn’t take a cut from tips when I sent my concern to the resolution team months ago… If it was said, they’ll take a 20% cut-overall- I wouldn’t be typing this.

What I don’t need is someone’s opinion of what “customer service” is when I have exemplary customer service skills and awards from former ‘Fortune 1000’ and ‘Fortune 500’ employers to prove it.

So, thanks for your time in this matter!
Have a blessed and prosperous week, Frank D.



I doubt that happened.

Sounds like you have it all figured out then.

You too!

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He never said you couldn’t. Mischaracterizing him isn’t going to help your case.


I don’t think it is illogical. Some people may abuse if fiver has not taken any percentage from the tip

Do you have a screenshot of that conversation?