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My To Do has 10 items. But, when I click there is nothing there

I am new and everything about this is exciting and well done. However, from a purely newbie buyer perspective there are a few things that are confusing.

First, My inbox has 7 items in the list. They are all messages I sent to different contacts with info they requested. Yet. the title says “Sender” and it has their names on the list. I was the sender, not them. So, I am not sure if they got these messages. In fact, one has asked me to get the info again and I know I sent it. There are two sent messages to that provider. So, something is not right and I don;t know if the rest has been sent or not.

Also, on the top menu I have a green number 10 next to the To Do icon. When I click there is nothing there. What am I suppose To Do? I can’t find a listing of the gigs that I paid for already.

I need a lot of clarification and you guys need to make this a lot less confusing. Please help.