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My to do List and sales page is not showing on fiverr..!

Is there is something wrong with fiverr… Help me, i have got an order to do…!!

i have the same problem, let’s cross finger that it will be fixed soon :frowning:

Same here… hold tight.

I am experiencing this issue also, and have multiple orders due today.

:frowning: :frowning:

Same with me

The same problem((((

Clear your browser cache and cookies - I did that, restarted my browser and can see my to-do list again

Reply to @minerva_451: Not working for me…!!

Reply to @facebook_swtie: Shoot! I tried clearing my cache first and it did not work. So I tried again and cleared my cache and my cookies and it worked. I did try logging in through Firefox and it worked fine (I normally use Chrome) but once I got it to work in Chrome I switched back to Chrome. Try using another browser for a temp fix and send a ticket to CS, they replied to my ticket very quickly to recommend that I clear the cache but in the meantime I used another browser.

Cache + Cookie clear worked for me in Firefox to resolve the issue.

I can’t load any pages, deliver work or send messages. I have a $30 dollar order that needed delivering tonight and I can’t do anything about it. Who else is still having this problem?

I still have the problem, cleared cache and the whole works to no avail. Hoping it gets resolved quickly.

Got up this morning and its still the same this is getting stupid now. I have a new order and Fiverr have sent me a warning message saying I am late with an order but how am I supposed to deliver it??? How can I contact them?

I delivered my last ongoing orders yesterday. I hope I do not miss any new ones or messages because of this. @helencool Since this seems to be a general issue, I believe Fiverr will take this into account. However, you might want to switch to Firefox, because it seems that that browser does not have issues.

You cannot contact buyers outside Fiverr and if you want to contact Fiverr directly because you have got display issues, you can always write to Your message will reach Customer Support.