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My top gig has been removed after 3years without any reasons

recently my gig was not in the search engine and many sellers face this same issue. i notice most of the top sellers were thrown to the last pages. i contacted fiverr support and ask them to fix my gig or suggest something. they told me to update images and descriptions. i follow their instructions.
and redraw the same gig front cover in a better quality, which i were having from recent 2years. and after 1min my gig was removed and saying “not an original image or design (designers)”
it’s the same exact image/cover i drawn for one of my client and was in the profile for 2+years.
i created this gig in march 2017 i have never received any warnings or anything in my account. i have 3450+ reviews in this gig (that’s alot of efforts and struggle :/) and the highest amount of review ever reached in “album category” are 3550. i was the 2rd highest volume reviews person in “album category” why my gig was suddenly removed in 1min? “your gig has failed to pass our review” seriously? they replay in 10days and in 1min they detected that my image is not orignal! something you have worked for 3+years can be deleted in one minute here without any warnings or modifications it was directly denied/removed. i contacted support i’ll wait for 10days to response (i even have video where i draw the artwork) please advice senior sellers!


#jonbaas please suggest something.

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Yes, a human response could take up to 10 days to be received. This is because Fiverr is very busy, and, apparently, understaffed at the moment. Your gig removal was the result of the automated moderation, and that happens instantly. To get this resolved, you will now have to contact CS, and wait for them to reply. Unfortunately, that’s just how it is at the moment. But, on the plus side, if there really is nothing wrong with your gig images, Fiverr might be able to restore your gig.

I know this is frustrating, but please be patient. Hopefully this can be resolved quickly.


I already did. …

thank you. can i share the images here? both the one i made 2+years ago and the one i did 2hour ago. i never used forum before.

Is there any specific reason for that? Why gig has been removed?

that is the question i am asking here why my gig has been removed suddenly without any warnings? it says “Your Gig requires modification - NOT AN ORIGINAL IMAGE OR DESIGN (DESIGNERS)”
it’s from a cover i made 2+years ago. i always ask buyer for permission of sharing image in my portfolio. and it was shared after permission was asked. the only thing i did was to recreate the image in better quality style which i am trying to offer here because i am not getting any business recently (because of search algorithm issue). it was in my gig for over 2 years and now they decided that it is not a orignal image or designer! i even have complete video where i am drawing that cover.
i can’t find that exact order number anymore because i have done over 6000+orders and i can’t search each one for that image. (i forwarded source-file, video screenshots and other details to fiverr hope they can restore my gig)

This is really upsetting for a seller I hope Fiverr will look up this problem.

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You can if you feel the need, however, sharing those images isn’t going to resolve anything. We, here on the forums, do not have the authority to reactivate your gig. You will have to contact Customer Support, and then wait for their reply.

yes i know. but maybe you find something that i am missing! my cartoon style is improved that is why i recreated the cover.


wow those are amazing images :grinning:

would you consider to draw something new? or maybe same character with different movement.

after all you have sell those images to one of your client, I think that is why you are facing copyright issue

recently my gig was not in the search engine and many sellers face this same issue

same issue

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he send me the image to draw from and i made a cover with that image. after the completion i asked permission from him. and it was shared in my portfolio just like each and every seller is doing here. if i am facing copyright why i haven’t received any warning? fiverr says there is no tolerance for copyrights and i respected that. but deleting such a high ranking gig without a warning!. in my recent month i completed 500-600 orders per months. it’s a mistake and they don’t care.

thank you so much fiverr and forum members. :blush: i was worried so much. but it was recovered they replayed me much faster in this issue. this was auto denied by system which was mistake.
thanks #jonbaas bro for giving me hope.

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You’re welcome. …

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great bro, glad it work out well :+1:

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Hi, I seem to be facing the same issue, were you able to resolve this. Did you get your gig back and what was customer support’s response?

yes it was a false flag and my gig was recovered.