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My Top Seller Status badge removed. No clear answer. After 3748 positive reviews. Don't accept Fiverr leniency


Hello everyone, I would like to post this in the forum for the public to see and for other sellers who run into this issue. I’m also going to make a youtube video and blogging about this on the internet.

I’ve had my ups and downs on Fiverr. Some good some bad, I’ve grown with Fiverr as well. Through it all I’ve never had it effect my Top Seller Status because I would always communicate with Customer Support about any issues I’ve had.

Today I was sent this letter via email:

Hi, Fiverr’s Top Rated Sellers are an exclusively selected group of power sellers who consistently gain great customer satisfaction and generate strong monthly income.

As a Top Rated Seller, you are expected to maintain high standards, be a role model for others, deliver on time, play fair, and keep your ratings high.

We are concerned because recently your account has not met all the high standards that it usually keeps. While our editors are evaluating your account, your Top Rated badge will be placed on hold along with the features that come with it.

If you have more than 20 gigs, your most recent gigs will be auto paused in 48 hours to meet the original account limitation of 20 gigs. We recommend that you choose what gigs you’d like to suspend before the system does it automatically.

Our editors are standing by ready to work with you and try to put you back in the saddle. There is nothing we would like more than to see your continued success on Fiverr. We are here 24/7 for you:


The Fiverr Team

P.S. If you write to us, please mention that you are a Top Priority Member.

Along with this letter, for a couple of years now I had a gig with the word “Naked” in the title, which is actually just a shirtless spokesperson gig. I wouldn’t do naked because Fiverr already told me once I could not even if it was an “Artistic” piece. I understood that, well I got a warning today to change the title of the gig and I changed it to “SHIRTLESS” spokesperson.

I do not know if this was the reason I have been placed on suspension from my Top Seller Badge for this reason but the two warnings seemed to come in at the same time.

I’ve been so loyal to Fiverr and I would never accept payments outside of Fiverr as well. Most of my working links outside of Fiverr would point to my Fiverr account, I don’t even have a system to accept a job outside of Fiverr.

A few years ago they had a forum category to nominate a person to be a featured story on Fiverr. I had over 100-200 people post on this forum to nominated me to share my success story. Fiverr took that page down years ago and was never nominated for I don’t know why. I am making this post and sharing it with my clients so that they may comment on it to nominate me back to Top Seller Status.

I have great clients, I’ve tried my best to be the best person I can working with Fiverr. I try my best to break my back and give the best options and gig service to my clients, and treat them with equal respect of course and tell the ones that are trying to take advantage of me to go away.

I’m a “doer” and most importantly I’m a loyal seller, even if they offered me outside pay or people contacted me directly, I asked them how they found me and if they said Fiverr, I said, well order through Fiverr. Today receiving this letter from Fiverr, I feel betrayed in many ways. I have not changed anything I do in my gigs or my service. I have kept the same amount of sales per month and actually starting growing this month since I increased a few prices on some gigs. People always tell me they love my gigs, and I tell them I want to earn their five stars or at least four stars. I’ve had problems with buyers but like any business guy that is a given.

I contact customer service I have yet to hear from them. I’m also going to blog about this, make a youtube video about this and make sure people hear my experience on this issue. I’m also going to tell my new and existing loyal clients to reply to this forum here and nominate me back to Top Seller Status, if I feel the need to since I am now considering other options as well to continue my success as a spokesperson.

As an actor and producer, I had high hopes of Fiverr letting actors like me actually make a living through their platform. I had big plans for this platform but as of right now I feel pretty betrayed especially because there was no communication as to the exact reason why or warning. I haven’t done anything different in a few years besides update and improve my gigs, graphics, delivery and what not of my gigs.

I was very proud to hold my Top Seller Badge and promoted in my gig videos as well, which means I now have to take the time to re-do all my gig introduction videos. So this is not just a matter of pride or status but of inconvenience as well.

I also do know this might affect my ranking on the searches and the way potential new clients view my level of service.

At this moment, I do not feel the pride and honor of being a seller on Fiverr. I also feel that Fiverr is not treating me fair when its me that is doing the work and I am not employed by Fiverr. I also have not done or changed or anything different or changed my level of income on Fiverr. There is no indication of this what so ever and I can not even see it in my data.

At this moment, I have to make some decisions about what I really want to do now with Fiverr. Update: To add to this, I’ll prove to Fiverr I deserve the TRS badge either way and keep doing what i do. All this I say in a positive and motivational way. I’m not going to let a badge keep me from providing a service people love through Fiverr.



whoa, that’s tough.

Do you have any indication as to what caused the editorial team to take away your badge?

Did you have a huge drop in sales?

Any orders going south? (assuming buyers got to flag you via the private rating tool)


I don’t expect to hear any good news since I always expect the worse so I can prepare for it. IF they do respond and it was some kind of mistake on some new guys end over “there”. I understand that but that is all they said. No drop in sales… I even have a couple of hundred dollar order I’m finishing up. Nothing is different, its even better in sales since I updated my pricing. I’ve had a few orders that were outside the scope of work I offer and told them I couldn’t do it. I also cancel some orders so they can re-order.

I have received a notification from Fiverr CS and they said they are investigating the situation.

Mod Note: Some content removed. Please feel free to reedit this post but refrain from referring to issues of race or gender in the manner of the original. If you have any queries about this, please contact me - Eoin.


Hi, I fully empathize with you, but please don’t bring race into it. Fiverr is a very diverse, inclusive and liberal organization, and things such as race, ethnicity, nationality, religion etc, don’t matter here. By bringing in race and making threats like that, you do damage to your case. Just my honest opinion.


I’m taking a realistic guess based on statistics. I’m an actor, I’ve been dealing with racial and gender bais all my life, including the level of “looks” I’m compared at.

I would agree with you if I was just selling written articles or papers like you do, you can be whoever you want to be, look or whatever, your looks or presentation doesn’t sell your gig, but mine does.

I’m pretty sure I can find some kind of article on this such issue in the broader sense of the issue. My question is how exactly is “Top Seller” chosen, is there a limited amount per category, in theory there should be because not everyone can be Top Seller. If they all meet the requirements, my argument is that I have not done anything less of what I do and actually more, so there is something going on here beyond what I have been sent via email.

I’m off to search the internet…


Joey, Im really sorry to hear this - from your gigs and reviews it is clear why you got TRS in the first place.

I would suggest you try to hold back a little on what action you take as you do not even know why you are being reviewed. It could be something simple like cancellations, a couple of bad “private reviews” etc. You just never know. I would imagine that reacting in the way you have described immediately would not help your case but instead be as you always are - professional, polite, confident etc.
There is no point jumping to conclusions and it may blow over quickly so please just be patient.


Well, if that is the case, why does your first FAQ say it otherwise?

Please correct this, you might have a better chance of getting back the badge.


I understand and thank you for your moderation and support of the Forum, I stand for truth and equality for all of humanity, my cancellations are mutual, I am never late, I was only late once last year, bad reviews would be from clients who wanted something I do not offer.

I’m trying to figure out how the Top Seller status is awarded and if there are limited to a number per category and I am being pushed out. If this is the way, I must tell Fiverr this is not the right way to do things within this category. It will improve the marketplace, and face the problem head on instead of hiding from it.

If that is the case, then I have a bigger problem I must address because its the right thing to do. I’m an actor people hire me based on my looks and presentation. It is the only profession where you can discriminate, its a hard topic to discuss I know.

I research and I study to do the right thing, because of this, I just found and I’m reading up on some research led by Christo Wilson, an assistant professor at Northeastern, and Ancsa Hannak, a PhD student on such topic. To better education myself and improve myself on such matters if the case.

I will post what customer service tells me as well. Thanks


I took that out the first time they told me, like over a year ago.


… maybe I’m too naive, too old fashioned or too blond… whatever…but I’ve never thought there would be Gigs offering to speak naked in front of a camera for random people :hushed:

Ps: did they really ask you to do that?


But I took the screenshot just now. How come?

As much as I appreciate you effort & diligence in achieving Top Seller status, allow me to affirm - LET’S PLAY BY THE RULES.


As do I but even if I agree with your principles and values I still have to ask you not to post about these issues on the forum. These are divisive issues which can easily get out of hand causing offence and hurt, even unknowingly. I am sure you appreciate that Fiverr would not like to have this thrashed out on its site - I don’t know of a business who would!
Hoping for a speedy and positive resolution for you.


I changed that, and they also reviewed it once again, they took the gig down, I deleted that from the FAQ, so I’m doing it again, its even LIVE, which doesn’t make sense. I’m doing it once again, if it doesn’t work this time I’m just deleting that stupid gig.


I agree with you, you are right. I must stay neutral in the matter. It could be because of that shirtless gig and naked FAQ that wasn’t erased.


Yes, please delete that Gig. With 3744 reviews with 5* rating, you deserve a much better standing.


For art or comedy, why not? I’m not an adult actor. I’m an actor. For art of course! Why should I be ashamed of that being an artist? I am more than happy to fix the gig to be just shirtless! No problem! I did that already, I do not know why it was still there. They even red flagged it a couple times and then approved it. Come on, what is going on here?


Okay I’m going to delete it then.


You have certainly seen naked actors and actresses in movies and in TV series.


Yes, its really up to the Actor and also other stuff. You know what though, I’m happy anyways to be on Fiverr and be given the opportunity to work. If for any reason my work drops on Fiverr I’ll find other ways to compensate and prove to Fiverr, I’m worth the TRS badge. Like I said above, I’m going to have my clients nominate me here on this page if need be.


I never got a clear answer after 1 day of waiting, from customer service this is what they said:
Thank you for your patience. After further review of your case by our Editorial team and the service you are providing, they have decided that you cannot be a Top Rated Seller with the service you are providing. Sorry. The Top Rated badge will not be restored currently, but I believe that if you continue to work hard, that will not pass without being noticed by them.

Once again, I’m sorry to read about this case and wish you luck in future sales on the site."

I will never forget this. I’m not longer pointing my social media links to my Fiverr profile. After the years I’ve given to working hard on Fiverr, to be treated like this. Its not worth it anymore.