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My top selling gig has been denied


Yesterday I have edited 3 of my gigs.There was 3 packs on in every gig.Then I made these 3 gigs to single pack.But unfortunately my top selling gig has been denied by fiverr.There was 50+ reviews on the gig.Can I get back my gig?


What did you offer on those Gigs? Did you receive any mail from Fiverr?


it’s a very sad news you never get back your GIG :disappointed_relieved::sob::sob:


see this


My gig has been also denied by Fiverr they give me copyright reasons. but I have my own artwork in this gig.


The description of my gig was edited be my also


what is my fault?it will be a challenge for me now to continue in fiverr


I feel bad for you. I have seen some Gig denied/account hold related post recently on Forum. May of them was e-mail collecting type services. You can open a ticket on Fiverr support. :slight_smile:


i already opened a ticket,lets see what happen


in this time fiver removed many gigs which are providing digital marketing service…


This happens with me 5 times, even if they got 1 complain among 500 order they will do that


I already created a post about it! You should read about it! Gig deleted because of 3rd Party Claim then Again restore! Hope, it will be helpful!