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My top selling gig was removed!

Fiverr deleted my top selling gig “Clone Copy Duplicate Website”. For the love of god, I cannot understand why. CS just gives vague answers about breaking 3rd party ToS, “Our Trust & Safety denied your Gig because is violating the Terms of Service agreement of a third party company”.

I could not find the recent version of my gig, but google had it cached so I took a screenshot, can anyone please tell me what went wrong? I have not used any copyrighted text, image or brand names. How’s this even possible?

Perhaps Fiverr views cloning a website to be a gray area in terms of legality. After all, cloning a website does make an exact copy of an existing website, and there can be legal issues with such activities. Or, perhaps, because it was listed as a 3rd party violation, could it be that you are using software that you do not own?

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It looks like it only has one review so I guess it’s a good thing they shut it down early on. Cloning a site that someone else designed, paid for and made is definitely a gray area so I can see where Fiverr is coming from


I think they didn’t understood what “clone” means in your gig. For example you can clone existing website which is illegal but you also can clone website as backup (clone would be a synonym of backup).

I know for a fact that a lot of web developers use indeed the term clone as "‘backups’’ as this is probably the reason why Fiverr thought you were breaking their rules. Not sure though, but this could be the reason… Good luck!! :smiley:

Clone per se is wrong and that’s why your gig is removed but this terms is also used for backing up the site (which i didn’t know) then it’s best to use “clone websites like backing up” in your gig title so fiverr don’t remove it in future.

It’s from some days back. I took the screenshot from Google’s cache. By the time it was delete I had over 7 reviews.

I don’t have a problem if Fiverr thinks cloning is illegal and it’s breaking their terms and deletes my gig. I wanna know who this “3rd party” is and how they know for sure that I violated their copyright terms? My gig doesn’t say “I will clone x company’s website”.

I can show you at least 100 gigs which are providing the same service and are still live. I think some competitor flagged my gig.

You will likely never know, as Fiverr does not share indentifying information related to TOS violations.

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