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My Top selling gigs going disappeared

I have been doing good in fiverr since 2018.
But nowadays i see that my top selling gigs are going to be disappeared from their position.
I know about Fiverr 3.0
But its quite disappointing for me that the effort i have given that going to be lost.
Now i have only old client.
I hope that it will be okay soon. I believe on my hard work.

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It’s same here but it’s what it is

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Hey I am really sorry to hear this. Yes its very disappointing. this is a little suggestion from me, don’t edit your gig right now! what you can do is sharing on social media as much as you can until you start getting your orders back to normal.

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You can promote your gig, if the gig is eligible. My top seller gig was down for at one month

I am having same issue, It happened when I used the feature promoted gigs and now gigs are not even promotable and are on last page on online sellers. Very worried about this.