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My Translation Gig

Hello community!
I have my gig setup and have been working for some time here now.
Still, I’d like some advice on making my gig better.
Here’s the link:

Hi Marc,

I, personally, like it when sellers segregate their gigs into genres. I’m always confused when writers and translators have ONE gig as a catch-all.

Not all work is the same. My advice, from my perspective, is to create several gigs that specifically state what you will translate. As an example: I will translate from English to German

  • Romance Novels, Books, Short Stories
  • Technical Blog or Articles
  • Non-Fiction or biographies
  • etc.

That way, buyers know you are capable of doing what they need. Many experienced buyers hate inboxing new sellers as we know that gives them unlimited access to spam us with “Custom Offers” we never asked them to send. //Yes, sellers do this.//

Also, this is a good way for you to cater your gig price. Translating technical gig will be more difficult, therefore you can charge a higher price for that gig or a lower word count.

The more information you write on your gig description of what you offer for that particular gig, the more the buyer will be informed. Not only that, the buyer will feel more comfortable inboxing you.

It’s weird, but when a seller has a great description – gig, profile – as well as pictures (I like your avatar, btw) – I feel more confident they will do a good job.

Hope this helped and good luck for a great success!!

:heart: , Gina

EDIT: Welcome to 5r Forum!!


Thank you very much for the information.

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