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My Turn - Custom Quotes and Getty?


So, it’s my turn to ask a question even though I’m usually trying to answer them! I had a buyer who wanted a custom quote for an article on a gig that I offer. I have the Getty image extra available on that gig. When I tried to create the custom offer, I saw the usual vague extras like “words” but I did not see any way to add the paid Getty image extra.

This seems like a problem to me, since I can’t be sure it can be added afterwards. My buyers mostly prefer custom offers to just ordering gigs since I can be specific. Does anyone know if there is a way to do this? I sent a message to CS and will update on what they say, but just in case I can find out quickly, I thought it was worth posting a topic. Thanks!


There is a Getty-specific way of doing it and a Fiverr specific way of doing it. If the Getty extra is not showing up in the Fiverr custom offer creating settings (let’s wait for CS to respond), till then here’s a workaround you can use to create a custom offer and add the Getty image separately.

If you have an independently owned Getty account, you can generate your user_name specific image url with your affiliate tracking embedded in it. You can embed this image inside the text you send to your client and mention it in the custom offer description.

[X] $ for the text + [Y] $ for the image = total [Z] $ for the custom offer. (no hassles of keeping track of extras)

Right now, I think, Fiverr embeds its own Getty affiliate tracking code and receives the Getty affiliate commission and shares 25% of it with us when we use the Getty extra via the checkbox. If you embed your own Getty links in your articles directly, you will get 100% of the Getty affiliate commissions into your Getty account.

Technically and logistically, it will definitely work. The seller gets to offer Getty images, the buyer gets images, the seller gets revenue from the images, but Fiverr loses affiliate revenue. Please check with CS if they are alright with this.


I can see how your suggestion would work, but it does sound iffy for this purpose. The buyer specifically wants is “through Fiverr” so I think the method would be suspect based on their own wording. It’s a shame this is a problem. I can’t add extras through Fiverr Anywhere either and the buyer doesn’t understand how to checkmark the “real” extra.

Usually if a buyer is new and needs help I make my own step by step guide with screenshots, but this one was a late night order and I was on mobile, so they tried to order and we’ll just have to hope they can add it later as described in the support files. CS hasn’t replied yet, but I’ll try to post it when I hear back. Thanks!


Okay, even I am interested in what CS wants to say about it.

Also, slightly unrelated but also slightly related : there is a search option in google advanced image search which allows you to specifically search for royalty free stock images which are legal to use commercially and distribute. << Just in case you needed stock images but the Getty option is not available.