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My Turn Off: "Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!"


I was going to make a purchase than I saw the above statement:

“Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!”

That was 6 days ago and he’s had two reviews on that gig since then. So, it seems all is well - or is it?"

This is huge a turn off for me. Granted there are other sellers, but it takes a long time to find someone you like. He’s a level 2 seller with 35 reviews on this particular gig.

Are you allowed to leave a review/response on these reviews?



It is created by the system on failed delivery.


That’s too bad. I’d like to know why.

He delivered project between getting that one order - so, he wasn’t out sick or had computer problems. I can’t believe he would intentionally decided to ignore a client to get a bad review.

If he was allowed to explain himself, perhaps I wouldn’t be so hesitant to order from him.


if the order got late and the time is showing late, then the buyer have option to cancel the order…and at this time if he cancel the order… the seller will get a negative review with the words[quote=“gina_riley2, post:1, topic:152310”]
“Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!”


Yeah, I have had one of those. That was the worst I ever felt on Fiverr. That was during the days when I used to do 100 orders every month. It was for an ebook. My fault, entirely, should not have taken on so much work. Really upset me, the buyer was a good person.


May be he didnt get the time to see the order,or may be the order was a quick 1 day or 2 day as he was already working on so many…and got late and the buyer cancel it.


Don’t you get a warning to let you know an order is late or approaching deadline?


Yes warning is emailed…on your id… and normally users just check the fiverr…so on fiverr you dont know that somethng late etc as you dont get any nottification etc… just a thng that when you visit the order page then you wll see Aghh!! its already late and buyer can cancel… so if at that tie buyer cancel the you got negativ ratngs…but if you tell buyer the reason then he wont cancel and you can submit the design


But Normally it happens when you have so many orders in queue and you are just working and dont get the time to see the direct orders as normally some people directly order without discussing and then their time finish and cancel the order…The Fun thng When seller completed his in progress work and come to see oh i have a order and then also see another notificatn it has been cancelled also… :stuck_out_tongue:


I used to be terrified of the failed to deliver on time reviews but I actually don’t care anymore. I have had this happen a few times now and while the first one was accidental, all the rest have actually been intentional.

Crazy? Not really. From experience, I have found that canceled orders and bad customer reviews kill gigs. They disappear from searches and rarely come back. Then I read something by @ryangillam saying something like how automatically canceled gigs don’t have as bad an effect. - And he’s right.

Given the above, if I get a buyer who orders an explainer video with which they need drone footage and voice overs (which I do not provide) I don’t hit the resolution center, I simply send messages asking people to provide a brief more in line with what I offer and if they go silent, I let the gig cancel.

Of course, this isn’t ideal. However, it short circuits Fiverr’s trap door into oblivion which gigs fall through otherwise. Also, I have only had these on my video gigs and I won’t be offering video on Fiverr later this year anyway. In this case, for me it doesn’t really matter.


As far as canceled orders go it really depends on the reason I think.

I agree with Gina that when I see that the seller failed to deliver on time
it would put me off from ordering from them. I’ve never had one the whole time I’ve been here.



I supposed on a TRS or a top level 2, it wouldn’t have much effect but on a newly minted level 2 and below it would turn away buyers which could affect them quite a bit.


Similar thing happened to me. So I messaged the seller in case he forgot my order, lol. I have never ordered anything serious from this platform, so it was not a problem. However, I understand that time is very crucial to some buyers.