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My two accounts or one PC one laptop reining but one ip address any porblam

please answer me all fiverr man

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Simply it’s against Fiverr TOS to use two accounts. Sooner or later you will be banned.


Yes, it’s a big problem! Don’t use two account in one ip address.


okay thanks…

using 2 or more acounts from same IP is not an issue at all ! BUT Using More than one account is against TOS ! you can be banned any time…!

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but one pc or one laptop

One account on as many devices as you like.

Not two accounts. :wink:


True! but you are the only person working on both!
if you work on PC and may be any of your family member work with laptop but you are on same IP, that works…but you have to talk to CS for that matter as well…
Try to Disable one the account as soon as possible…I recommend to do it now…! or you lose both!

haha! I do use it on my 2 mobiles and Macbook and 2 PCs lol…but only one account !

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one account me or one account my sister

If it is one for you and one for your sister it is fine, IP address-- basically means which device you are using from where. so you are fine. do not worry about it.
But make sure your sister using her bank account and you are using your bank account for your fiverr accont.

One more thing, to be extra catious dont use here device to log in for your account vice versa (But some times you can do that.)

Fiver is not stall on the road, they have multiple seller from the same house, so you are fine. Just dont do any thing clever(also known as silly).

Wish you luck

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Operating two accounts from one IP is not a problem but operating two accounts from one “HUMAN BRAIN” is really dangerous!!

you not understand ???

No, you are the one who is not understanding… :rofl:

It is a VERY simple concept… really.

ONE person = ONLY ONE active Fiverr account allowed.

easy peasy :lemon: squeezy

If you have other family members who also want to use Fiverr (from their own accounts… no matter whether it is from the same PC or from different PCs), it is always a good idea to give Fiverr a heads up by contacting the CS team and finding out if it is okay for you to do so. As long as they have given the go-ahead, you should be fine.

If two person uses two accounts then no problem, If these accounts are yours (as you mention in the post title) then your both ID will be suspended. You and your sister have to have different payment accounts. To prove that you two are different person keep your National ID card/passport/driving license’s scanned copy.

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