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My two best-selling gigs from the last 10 days and above have disappeared from the first page,

My two best-selling gigs from the last 10 days and above have disappeared from the first page, I was hoping to come back in a few days because my two gigs were 1K + reviews. But I can’t find them anywhere. I was Contacted Fiverr support. But there is no solution. What can I do now? Please give your valuable feedback.

NOTE: I can’t find the gig for the second time with this


you just go fiverr support also select why my gig denied . you just tell before my gig search first page right now I can’t find it what do I do now give me solution ASAP thanks a lot

Because position is not permanent and gigs are constantly rotated.
You got your chance to be on the first page so now it’s someone else’s turn.


because of fiverr gig rotation system , its continuously rotating gigs. if you have promoted feature try it

I have Gig Active, but can’t find the page.

I had my gig removed from the first page for months, then it came back. Then they remove it again. Then they put it back. Then they remove it. And so on. Just deliver the best work you can, the algorithm will eventually bring you back


You’ve got some great gigs and feedback!

The problem is that if you type ‘graphic designer’ into search - Fiver returns 12,500 sellers.

12,500 sellers can’t all be on the first page.

Are you more entitled to a first page place than the other 12,499 graphic designers? No.

As a few other posters have said, Fiverr rotates gigs to give all sellers a chance over time.


Thank you so much for your opinion

I can feel your pain. I am currently going through the same issue with my best-seller gig. After editing my gig it was supposed to be up in search results after 3-4 days if I’m right. But it’s been 10 days now and it is still not found any where in search results.

I have used the self help center to find it but it suggests I contact CS for futher help to review my gig which I have done and still they haven’t gotten back to me yet, and it’s been more than 7 days since I messaged them.

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@seojoni Please read the previous posts before replying.

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There are many gigs from other sellers waiting for orders. So, Fiverr rotates gigs everyday. If not other sellers didn’t get any order from buyers.

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If your gig is still in your dashboard, then you’re just not on the front page anymore.