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My two cents on verifying Fiverr ID

Here’s a new experience as a new seller. Thought i should share this to make life easy for others.

So today i waked up to this:

Fiverr was asking to verify my ID.

A buyer was knocking on my inbox and Fiverr says you can not sell your service without verifying your ID inside next 14 days. What a day to be alive! Thought the whole process would be easy but ended up sweating!

I knew they’d ask for PASSPORT ID or NATIONAL ID or DRIVING LICENCE etc. I need to make sure everything was ready, So before pressing that verify button i took a good photo of my passport and myself. Then i went for verifying.

Clicked verify ID:

And then pressed the button to send link on my mobile. They said, a message is on my way. Waited like 5 mints but nothing happened, no new text messages on my mobile. Tried this two more times but ended up having the same result. [cricket noise]

Then i thought i should go for the QR code scan. So i went to play store, installed a QR scanner and scanned the QR code:

This unlocked a link on my mobile, I opened this link with my desktop browser and guess what ended up on the same page again :roll_eyes:

My brain stopped working like the hell just happened? Am i missing something? The verification was supposed to start but both the given ways wasn’t working.

Well suddenly i saw this headline on the verify page, man it was right there from the first!


Now i get, i had to do this from my mobile instead of the desktop. So i opened the link with my mobile and YES at last found out the page i was searching for:

Round two:
I selected passport verification and it redirects me to take a photo of my passport. Sad thing is, you can not upload any photos here from your gallery or files. You have to take it live and submit it. This is where the problem begins. I took a photo, pressed the NEXT button where it says i need to take a selfie. Also took a selfie and submitted it. Inside 5 seconds i got a mail.

My ID wasn’t verified because of low quality of image and i need to do it again. It gave a little heart attack before i knew i can do this over and over again until they are satisfied with the quality. So i stated clicking again and submitted, on my third trial, it was perfect and they sent me a mail saying “Your ID is verified!”. A great relief.


  • Do this verification with your mobile not desktop or laptop.
  • Take a clear photo of your ID, PASSPORT or DRIVING License and then take a selfie.
  • Make sure Your ID isn’t cut off and fully in the frame.
  • Make sure the photos are clear and sharp.
  • Make sure you have good lighting.

My selfie was okay but my fault was the extra portions of my passports ID were cut of every time i was trying to fill up the whole frame. The job is pretty easy, you can even take the photo of your ID by holding it on your hand. Just make sure the whole ID comes inside the frame, no problem if some of your fingers comes in. And take a smiley selfie. Best of luck to whoever getting the verification message from Fiverr. Do it as fast as you can since can not sell your service without verifying it.

If you come this far to read this whole thing, great job! It might take you just 10 minutes to verify it, while i wasted almost 1 hour doing this process. So i thought i should share this to solve further confusions.

Hope it helps, Happy freelancing :facepunch:


Thanks for explaining

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You are most welcome.

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Thank you brother for the explanation. :smiley:

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Happy to assist @shahedulefty :smiley:

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