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My two completed orders was cancelled even after clearance

My two orders which I got from my repeat buyer were canceled for no reason even after clearance. I have completed all the work and delivered to him and he agreed then our order was completed. Also, the funds for those two orders were cleared already (I even withdrew that to my PayPal) and we’re about to start new work but today I got the mail regarding two orders cancellation. I’m completely frustrated due to this. Why does Fiverr having 14 days clearance policy?

Seller’s hard work and times are being wasted for no reason. Please help me in this matter. Thanks.

(NOTE: I got 3 orders from the same buyer in the past only 2 of them were canceled. one order was completed on Dec 14 and another one was completed on Jan 1. Also refund to the buyer completed for only one order, for another one order it’s showing as “Cleared Funds Reversed to Pending”)


Did you tried to contact cs ? I think this is normal. those funds will be recovered from your future revenues

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I just send them detailed explanation.

Are you sure I’ll get those back or you’re telling I can earn that!!?

No you can’t get them back ! they’ll be recovered in future from your other orders

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Yes, I knew that but my order completion rate was dropped to 94% from 100%. 94% is ok to maintain level but I wish to maintain it above 97%…

Don’t worry man ! just hang in <3 worst comes sometimes don’t let anyone to drop you. nothing worthy comes easy go ahead We got your back

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Thanks for your appreciation and help.

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Got 3 orders but only 2 were canceled? Seems like the buyer used 2 different credit/debit cards that were probably stolen and paypal issued a charge-back on one card that was reported so far.

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Actually I talked with the buyer he said, his partner ordered the Gigs using his PayPal account and the buyer not aware of the chargebacks. And in 3 orders 2 were canceled and only one order’s amount were refunded to the buyer. The second order’s fund was showing as “Cleared Funds Reversed to Pending”.

Now he wants to give that lost money, what I have to do?

Tell him to leave it as a tip on the order that wasn’t canceled.

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But the order was completed 2 moths ago. Do you think there will be an option to give a tip now!

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