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My two gigs are ranking on top of 6700 services but still not getting ordrs

hello everyone i started on fiverr as a seller on 20th may and i got my first order within 18 days and second ordr next day but my problem is my gig is ranking in first page infact first two gigs are mine out of 6700 services but i am not still getting orders why??

pls tell me the possible reason…

Thnks in advance


Just because your gig is “top ranked” doesn’t mean it’s attractive to buyers. The top result on Google might mostly be relevant, but it isn’t usually the most useful.
Your gig still needs to be appealing and draw people in. You can be number one for the keyword cats on Google. If your listing is next to one that is Super funny cat memes, and yours is only mediocre cat pics, then the person searching isn’t going to click the top listing.


Hi there. That’s pretty great that you got 2 orders so soon after joining, many sellers have to wait much longer for that, probably even more so now, as there are so many new sellers due to the pandemic situation.

Some more possible factors to consider:

How you see your gigs ranking may not be how others see your gigs ranking.

If two of your gigs sit right next to each on the first two spots on the search page, are they really different gigs, or is one a duplicate gig, i.e. basically the same gig? Duplicate gigs aren’t allowed, so that might have some influence too.

Your profile, gig description or sample images might have spelling errors, which some buyers might not notice, but others might, maybe make sure that isn’t the case.


pls visit the gig and tell me what i had to do

search “animated video for marketing” and fist two results will be mine from gourav1207

i am waiting for your reply


pls tell me if i had the problem

search “animated video for marketing” and fist two results will be mine from gourav1207

i am waiting for your reply


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Sorry, I don’t do individual “gig consultation” for different reasons.


Be patient and stay online regular you Will get more order

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sorry if you feel…as a newbie i had to ask

it will be a great thing for a new seller who dont know so much about fiverr…

Hope you many succeed in life


thanks i will do so… :slightly_smiling_face:

I understand, it’s no problem that you asked, I’ve just had too many bad experiences with that kind of thing and decided to let it be. There’s a forum category especially for that, where you can even post your gig link, and people who want to, can help. The category name is “Improve my Gig”, you should be able to find it when you click the pie menu top right between the search symbol and your profile pic, and then “Categories (… more) …”.

Much success to you as well.

ETA: Ah, I see, a mod or someone moved your post to that category, so maybe you’ll find someone to look at your gigs and give you advice soon.

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:slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: thanks…

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I was in the top page for business card which had more than 60<000 services and I was first and sometimes fourth
I got a lot of views but no orders and I been here for 3 months
Day before I changed my keywords to a lower compition and changed my pictures to something attractive
Here is proof

The first gig you see is mine and I took this screenshot when I changed my picture to something attractive and this was taken before I changed my keywords and title
So its best to not think about orders but think more about your entire career and the new things you can learn

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you have search the entire title…

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If i type professional card or even card with unlimited revisions or card in 24 hours mine used to show in the top page not in first but it showed in the first page :slight_smile:

bt i got my first two orders within 18 days…
now there has been 7 days with no orders…

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Bro i did not get orders past 3 months
Try changing your mindset and I am sure you will get orders soon with enough patience
Its just been seven days try to think that I will wait for 2 weeks and if I still dont get orders I will improve my gig so I can get orders
Patience is key
I met Person who I met on fiverr had not hot orders past 8 years I am not joking
Try your best you can always improve :smile:

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And for some it has been months or years, it depends.

I could be on the first page if the buyer sets his parameters good, but it is all relative.

No one can guarantee you orders on Fiverr.

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8 years… :joy:


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I am not kidding you