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My two-month journey in Fiverr

Hello to every freelancers out there. I discovered Fiverr two months from now. I can say that it is so hard to get any job in here. I’ve been changing and keep on improving my gigs hoping to get an order. Unluckily, no one had ever hired me to do something…

I’m posting this to motivate freelancers who share the same agony. Let us not stop from here. I know that someday, I can get a job out of my gigs. I hope that by sacrificing our time in here, someday we can say that “it’s all worth it”.

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Hello, I’m a new seller too.

I actually signed up last year, but did not create a gig until February this year.

I got my first order 3 weeks after creating my first gig.

I don’t quite know much about Fiverr yet, but I think you should:

*Always check buyer’s requests.
*Try to stay online for as long as possible.
*Go through the gig of successful sellers in your category, and modify your gig to follow their pattern. Who knows?


If I may ask bro. I’ve been scanning my buyer requests. I’m a bit confused in sending offer. If i will to send an offer, should i send the proposal right then? or I offer him the gig and wait for the message then I’ll do it? I’m confused, maybe I’m getting it wrong.

It’s wise to send the offer right away.
Your offer is attached to the gig providing the service the buyer requested for.

Take time to read and understand the request, and your offers should preferably not be pre-composed, and should as a matter of fact be relevant to what the buyer is requesting for.

Oh I see. If someone request for a bakery shop logo, should I make first the logo before sending the offer? or just send relevant samples and wait for the confirmation?

I’m not a graphics designer, but I know you’ll only need to convince the buyer with your offer that you can do the job.

You need not do the design before sending an offer.

Only CONVINCE THE BUYER that you’re the best shot for the job!

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Ok bro. Thanks. I hope I can soon get a job.

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I wish you success John