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My type of gig has never been sold on fiverr. Will I still make sales?

My gig is pretty specific and lesser-known, but it is something I like doing. I’m not sure if it will sell. If someone could give me some advice on making some sales that would be great!

Link would be nice. Please?

Thank you.

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Edit: Its a new gig

It’s hard to tell without knowing if Fiverr attracts “gamers”.
Could you perhaps market it in some games forums?

Like a game development forum or just any games forum?

Thank you. I would suggest that you proofread your image and description or get someone to do it.
And you have other skills for sure so make more GIGs maybe?

Add more images. I do not know how adding video to GIG will be beneficial to you, but you can try and see are there any changes.

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I’m pretty good at WordPress but I don’t think I would compare to the many other pros who do that for a similar price. Edit: I will consider adding more images

OK. In that case you are going to focus on one GIG so make it stand out, correct the typos, make more outstanding images, add video, add more “meat” to description. And, like the above, promote on gamers forum.