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My Ultimate Fiverr Gig Spreadsheet


A few months ago, I started building a Google spreadsheet where I could enter all my gig info before actually creating them in Fiverr.

This makes it a lot easier to organize my thoughts in a central location that I can then use to copy / paste the content into Fiverr when creating my new gigs :grinning:

Now that I’ve perfected the spreadsheet, I created a gig for anyone who would like it for $5!

If this sounds interesting to you, I would love your feedback as to how I could make my gig better :+1:

Thanks in advance!

I’m not sure this kind of gig is permitted.

Aside from that: Why would you want to share this information with your competitors? If you’ve found something that works, do you really want others to possibly improve on it, and possibly bury you?


Oh, I didn’t realize my gig may not be permitted. The Fiverr system didn’t seem to have any issue when I activated the gig.

My thought was that other Fiverr sellers who may be interested would rather spend $5 than take the hours to rebuild it themselves.

While that is true, and everyone on this platform is looking for shortcuts, it’s also best for sellers to prove that they can handle a work environment. And that includes putting in the work to make a proper storefront.
Now, suggesting that sellers take the time to make their own templates? That’s some good advice! (Just, don’t do the work for them. We’re suppose to be professionals, and know what we’re doing.)