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My unpractical proposal


I’ll write you a personalised poem to the best of my ability. It will not be rushed or forced and I will use all my effort to make it nice. You may choose a subject or a style for the poem and I’ll abide by it.


Honestly, I’m broke and this is just a small experiment. I’ve had one order so far from a sympathetic friend, which was nice. I want to get into writing and so I decided to create this gig.


Three days maximum. I work full time so I’ll have to write around my work schedule. It WILL get done though.


I’ll write it in a word document and upload it to Fiverr. When my calligraphy improves I’ll start hand-writing poems and mailing them to you. If there’s ever any interest, of course. (Haha)

Disclaimer: I’m not a poet. I just want to write for fun. Maybe this will help me get better. Ultimately I want to write decent short stories and scripts (for films).


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