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My Ecommerce WordPress Website gig

WordPress Business Website gig

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Hey, Ash!

nice gigs :slight_smile: , I have a suggestion for you though. Having a customzied thumbnail for each gig is a really good idea to rank your gig and attract more potential customers, and I actually offer that service here!


Geat, I will let you know. thanks for suggestion…

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You’re very welcome, another tip is to also advertise on social media.


Am i able to change thumbnail if i delete 1st image? 2nd one come to the first place. i was just trying to delete first 2 images and deleted automatically the one’s added after completing project which was added by fiverr

Yes, you can. Make sure it says “Primary” on it.

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okay thank you. :slight_smile: i will see as you said

Your visual design needs to be improved. You need to chose attractive collors, fonts, images.

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Where do you mean to improve?

Everywhere, every photo, every image. Look up some advices on basic graphic design. Or hire a designer.

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please feel free to advice me in this regards.

Well that was my advice :slight_smile: the rest is up to you

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thank you indeed :slight_smile:

he’s talking about the gig design,like I said I offer the solution to that :wink:


I really need your advice and solution please

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amazing gigs, hope you will get good sale


Thank you so much :blush: any advice on my gigs to improve please share.

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I told you my man, you can get a design here!

Happy selling!

  1. My Ecommerce WordPress Website gig

  2. WordPress Elementor pro gig

Please see I made a thumbnail image for this gig, is it better and well informative?

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Looks pretty good! What did you use to make it!?

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