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My URL Link is wrong


I created a gig years ago that I want to increase it’s pricing. However when I share the gig(url link) it states the old price within the link, even though I increased the price. Somewhere along the way I must have included the $5 price within the original url. How to I change the url, not to reflect the old information?



Unfortunately the URL can’t be changed. Whatever you set it as originally is what it has to remain.

I guess you could share a shortened version of the link. Then the old pricing wouldn’t be so obvious.

Edit: I checked your live Gigs and couldn’t see any prices alluded to in the URLs. Maybe you’re talking about one of your Gigs that isn’t live, though, which would be understandable.


Unfortunately you can’t change your URL and if you did you would lose all past backlinks to it.

I wouldn’t worry about it. I would say most of my gig URLs are different now, some reflecting information that has changed, but it hasn’t affected me.