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My user name is not coming in search resultes

I created my account few days ago and today i created my first gig. I know that new gigs are not easily comes in search resulte but what about username? i searched my username in search box but nothing appears. Please someone help me bcs i really want to work on fiver.

Hello @faiztranslation. Welcome to the Forum. Glad you’ve joined us.

Try to add part or full Title of your gig in the search bar

Best of luck on your journey. :smiley:

Warmly, Humberto

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Thanks for your response but i already tried it and it shows nothing. What can i do now??

Active fiverr…

@faiztranslation did you solve the problem? Because I also started on Fiverr a couple of days ago and I can’t find my gig either.

Excuse me for my ignorance, but how do you activate Fiverr?

I just found this:

Maybe we should be patient and wait :slight_smile:

Hi Newbies @danieladgr @faiztranslation, First of all, Welcome to Fiverr.
In the start, it’s hard to get started and especially to get the first order so best of luck and try to follow these tips.

  • Your Gig offer should be precise and attractive for your targeted buyers.
  • In the start, Lower your Gig prices so you can win your first order.
  • Try to activate as much as possible.
  • Enter relevant Search Tags for your Gig.
  • Try the SEO Title option for your Gig SEO.
  • In Buyer Request page, submit your offers to relevant jobs.

Best wishes,


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@haseebamin4142 Sir, your tips are just amazing but if my gig and username is not coming in search, even if i search full title of my gig and username it shows nothing then how am i supposed to do this steps??

PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME, bcs it’s my first experience on fiverr and it’s already demotivate me enough. :frowning:

@danieladgr No my problem is just remain the same. I hope someone will solve our problem.

Maybe you check your username well that you create and check well how you put it when you register your username,if there is mistakes in the name it will not show, even if it slightly error it will not show. Check well. You welcome

I have the same problem. I created my gig two days ago, tried searching with the gig and nothing came up in all the five pages. I tried searching with my username and got nothing. I’m not sure my account is actually active, even though Fiverr says it is.

Hii your problem solved or not? If solved then how?