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My user name is rifat321 (its not my real name) and i am a student i am less than 18 what should i do if fiverr asks for nid card info?


hi! I am a student. I do work part-time in Fiverr. I am not 18 and I don’t have nid card and my name isn’t real either what should I do if Fiverr asks for nid card?


Hi. As far as the username is concerned, I don’t think that’s an issue, there are people here with usernames like “wordpress_expert/master/wiz/prodigy/whatever” or … bluedragonvalley, I doubt that’s the name on their NID card. :wink:

If you don’t have any ID card (yet), you could perhaps either get one (I don’t know for your country but in mine, you need=can get ID cards before you’re 18) or you could ask Fiverr’s customer support if they’d accept for example a student ID if you have that. This page says “You must verify your identification with a valid ID. This includes a driver’s license, passport, or other valid ID.”
Whether “other valid ID” includes a student ID depends on support, I guess, I’d say probably not for legal adults but maybe it works for minors, you’d have to ask them to be sure, either way.


Welcome to Fiverr. You can take the help of support. They are very help full. :grinning: